Each consultation is as individual as the person who seeks it.

Feng Shui Living offers various price structures depending on your needs and all of her consultations will incorporate ALL schools of Feng Shui including FormCompass, and the most accurate and complex; Flying Star School.

Liz  or Carolyn will spend time at your home or business and will analyse the energies surrounding your premises including taking an accurate compass reading. At the end of the consultation they will chat with you about her findings and any recommendations they may have.

When a comprehensive written report is chosen it will be sent to you within 7 days of the consultation. Liz or Carolyn will contact you via email or phone (whichever you prefer) within a month after the consultation to see how you are progressing. If you have any questions at all in regard to the consultation Liz or Carolyn will be available to chat with you.

The remedies that are recommended will incorporate the five elements and they will be inexpensive, practical and blend in with your decor. Remedies are not about three legged toads; wind chimes inside etc, these sorts of items are based on superstition and are not part of traditional Feng Shui. You can still have these items in your home if you like them although when a Feng Shui consultant has come to your home and you have put into place all the recommendations you should not be able to tell that a Feng Shui consultant has been there. Items should blend in with the decor.

After analysing the energies your consultant should be able to inform you of what you may have been experiencing in this home with regards to finances, health and relationships. (Unless you have only just moved in). Flying Stars is the most accurate form of Feng Shui and you will be amazed at the detailed involved. You probably notice that you argue more in certain areas of your home, or that since moving in you are having money, health or relationship issues. You may have problems sleeping, lack motivation or simply just feel “stuck”. Every building has both negative and positive energies and your consultant should work to balance these energies. This is done by neutralising the negative energies and enhancing the positive ones.

Ensure that the feng shui consultant you hire has completed studies & has experience in Flying Star School and will be including this in their analysis of your home or business. Ensure they are not just including the annual flying stars as only working with this information can cause more harm. Some consultants are self taught or have only had a few days training and are not familiar with subjects such as Geomancy and Space Clearing. You should be able to verify their studies with the college or person they have studied with.

If you do not have a qualified consultant (one who has studied Flying Star Feng Shui) available in your area Feng Shui Living can provide an Off Site consultation. This is a fantastic option and you will find the results just as good as an onsite visit.

It should be noted that only one site visit is required as Liz or Carolyn will complete her analysis whilst on site with her client. Some consultants may offer two site visits but this is because they do not complete the analysis on the first visit – instead they complete it off site and then come back to deliver it to you. After years of full time consulting Liz’s and Carolyn’s knowledge and experience is very highly regarded and respected and she looks forward to working with you to make your home or business an environment that supports your goals and dreams.

What you will need for any consultation:

  • Contact us to make an appointment and confirm the cost of the consultation.
  • Provide two A4 floor plans* drawn to scale of the property.
  • The year the building was constructed
  • Provide birth data of each person living in your home or working in your business.
  • Completed Questionnaire

Types of Consultations

If you do not have a floor plan it is easy to draw one. You do not need every detail, only walls, doors, windows and most importantly be correct and to scale. Alternately you can have a professional floor plan drawn up for $130 – please contact us for details.