There are many different schools of Feng Shui although Flying Star School also known as “Xuan Kong” or “Fei Xing” is the traditional method and the most complicated and comprehensive school. When using Flying Star Feng Shui it is imperative Form School is also incorporated as the external and internal forms must be analysed in order to correctly analyse the Flying Stars of a building. There is also a school called Compass School; this school of feng shui is used in conjunction with Flying Star Feng Shui and should not be used on its own.

Elizabeth will incorporate all three schools of Feng Shui when conducting both residential, business and corporate consultations.

Form School

Form school is extremely important and you cannot conduct a consultation without taking the landforms into consideration. Form School is the analysis of the land on the outside of a building, its contours such as mountains and the placement of water. In addition to the outside influence; the inside of the house must also be considered, focusing on the placement of furniture.

Compass School

Compass School incorporates the ‘Bagua’, a unique pattern that is made up of eight trigrams. It is used to ascertain the type of Qi (energy) that comes with the different compass directions. Energy from the Sun is the main stimulus however; it also derives energy from the universal influences and the magnetic energy radiating from the earth, a compass must be used to ensure accurate directions.

Flying Star School

Flying Star school is the traditional Chinese Feng Shui and is based on numerology which is the ‘language’ of the universe. It is also considered superior to the other schools due to the fact it takes into account the influence of time and direction on a building. Flying Star the most complex, accurate and powerful form of Feng Shui and looks at the distribution of energy inside a building which will determine if the occupants will prosper in relation to their wealth, health and relationships. It is imperative that Form school be used in conjunction with Flying Star school otherwise the analysis will not be complete.

When deciding to have a consultation you will be required to supply a floor plan to scale of the building, the approximate year the building was built and the birth dates of the occupants. The consultant MUST use a compass or Lopan to ascertain the correct facing direction of the building within two degrees. If you find that this information is not requested then Traditional or Classical Feng Shui is not part of the consultation.