It is believed that your destiny is determined by three factors.

Heaven Luck

Is what luck you were born with. It is sent from the Heaven’s and is determined at the time you were born. Heaven luck is also know as your Four Pillars of Destiny or Chinese Astrology.

Chinese Astrology is a tool that is used to tap into your Heaven Luck to reveal the hand that you have been dealt in this lifetime. Once we have this knowledge, we are more empowered to make changes that can help improve our lives. This information can be used to help explain why you might experience certain things, and provide practical advice on how you might improve your quality of life.

Earth Luck

Comes from your surroundings and the environmental influences. This is where Feng Shui comes in to play. Feng Shui focus on harmonising and balancing the energies in our environment.

You have total control over this, so think about how things have been since moving into your home or business. Are they better or worse? You may have found that since 2004 things have taken a turn for the worst.

As Traditional Feng Shui takes into account the influence of time on a building the energies are in a constant state of change and in 2004 there was a change in 20 year periods. From 1984 to 2004 we were in Period 7 and since February 2004 we are now in Period 8 until Feb 2024 so there was a large shift in energy and hence what was positive has now turned into a negative influence and should be remedied. This is one way Feng Shui is used.

Man Luck

Is the way in which you decide to live your life and is determined by your own actions therefore you are in total control of your man luck. Are you a positive person? Do you believe the cup is always half full? Do you surround yourself with positive people?

Using your mind to create reality is something that has been used throughout history, this is where visualisations and affirmations are fantastic. I believe one of the most important things is to live for the now, enjoy each day, each moment. Unfortunately a lot of is tend to believe that once we complete different tasks that life will be better and most of the time this is not the case. I believe happiness is in the journey not the destination.

First is a man’s Destiny, second is his Luck, third is his Feng Shui, fourth is his Virtue and fifth is his Knowledge. (Old Chinese proverb)