Building Biology refers to how our buildings impact our lives. It is about improving these spaces therefore improving the health of the people who occupy them.

As a Feng Shui Consultant Elizabeth will use some of the principles of Building Biology to assess your home or business. However not being qualified in this area Elizabeth would recommend you contact the Australian College of Environmental Studies who will put you in contact with a qualified Building Biologist if needed.

Building Biology looks at the health hazards that affect our every day life. These include such things as:


Products such as our cleaning products, bleach, dish-washing liquids, fly sprays, hair and skincare products contain harmful and dangerous chemicals and we look at how we can replace these for a non toxic alternative

Electromagnetic fields

These include such things as the location of the electrical box, electrical appliances, power lines, televisions, computers and electric blankets. These can contribute to electromagnetic radiation and constant exposure to these can contribute to a decline in our health.

Air Contaminants

Mould, dust, organisms and metal particles contaminant our air and can make us sick. Good housekeeping and plenty of ventilation can help to lead to a healthier home

Water Contaminants

Our water can be contaminated by various means with the main source being the massive amount of combustion products from industry and the motor vehicle. Tap water should be filtered by a quality water filter prior to drinking.

Moisture Intrusion

This can be from an external source, from the environment or from your bathroom and laundry activities. If the moisture is allowed to damage building materials it can help support the rapid growth of moulds, mildews and bacteria which can lead to illness. The source of the moisture must be found and fixed.

Building Materials

In today’s society building materials used encourage us to lock up our homes so we can cool and heat them, make them smell nice and provide us with an artificial atmosphere. Open the windows, let the fresh air flow through, good ventilation is very important.