There are three different types of luck and these include: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck and each one accounts for about one third. Feng Shui falls into “Earth Luck”.

Just because you have good Feng Shui doesn’t mean your life will be smooth sailing…………I wish it were that easy.

Feng Shui is the relationship between us and our environment. By creating a supportive environment we can attract opportunities to improve our life, however it comes down to the occupants to actually take advantage of these opportunities!

Below is an example of how if you are not willing to work on your man luck then you are not going to be able to take advantage of the Feng Shui of the building:

One of my clients owns a cafe and had noticed that business had decreased substantially since moving into the premises. I looked at the Feng Shui and communicated that the building did not support the businesses ability to make money and made recommendations to improve the energy entering the cafe.

I was invited to the cafe with my family as a thank you from my client. We arrived on a Saturday mid morning and proceeded to find our own seat, get our own water and wait quite a while for someone to actually acknowledge our presence. The waitresses were not happy campers and you could sense they really didn’t want to be there, I don’t think they smiled once. Whilst waiting to order we were looking over the menus which were not very professional and looked old and tired – this was pretty much the whole feeling of the cafe and the staff! The food was ok but unfortunately was soured by the fact we felt we were not wanted nor appreciated.

Now I am no restaurant connoisseur or cook for that matter but I felt the need to mention our experience to my client as I felt she would not be able to take advantage of the Feng Shui recommendations if the staff didn’t change their attitudes, and the menus updated.

She was open to suggestions and admitted her staff didn’t like their job and her and her husband just wanted out……..You could sense this when arriving so it was not an environment that I would want to come back to as we didn’t feel welcome hence the opportunity for repeat business was minimal. She mentioned that they had put the cafe on the market with no offers.

Within weeks after implementing the Feng Shui recommendations they received an offer – but declined it as they wanted more money. She then spoke to me at a later date saying they should have taken the offer as it was actually really good!

As you can see they had opportunities to improve their business just by using their man luck and after following the recommendations from a Feng Shui perspective business increased and they were made an offer. The Feng Shui was supporting the opportunities but it was their actions and decisions that blocked those opportunities from coming to fruition.

Feng Shui is not a fixer of everything or a quick fix – it helps to provide you with a supportive environment which in turn attracts opportunities to improve your life – it’s up to you to take advantage of these opportunities.