Feng Shui means Wind and Water.

It is the Chinese art focusing on the flow of Qi (life’s energy).

It is a way of understanding how it moves in our surroundings and how our buildings, their interiors, and our environment affect us. By applying Feng Shui to your surroundings you find that you have opportunities to improve every aspect of your life.

Qi (chee) is life’s energy and is in every living and non living thing and it connects people with their surroundings and is in a constant state of change. When we use Feng Shui we work to enhance the Sheng (good) Qi and deflect or neutralise the Sha (negative) Qi.

There are many different schools of Feng Shui although Flying Star School also known as “Xuan Kong” or “Fei Xing” is the traditional method and the most complicated and comprehensive school. When using Flying Star Feng Shui it is imperative that the consultant is also competent in Form School Feng Shui as they must analyse the external and internal forms in order to correctly analyse the Flying Stars of a building. If you decide to choose a consultant please ensure they have studied Flying Star School and Form School Feng Shui.

Modern Feng Shui should also incorporate Building Biology. Building Biology looks at the health hazards that affect our every day life such as electromagnetic fields, mould etc and as no amount of good Feng Shui can fix these types of issues it is important that you choose a consultant who is aware of these issues and the impact they may have on people.

You should also feel comfortable with your consultant and be able to confirm any qualifications they may have with the college or person they have completed their studies with. In addition to this please check their experience – ask for references and evidence of when they actually completed their studies.

You should also be aware that analysis of the ANNUAL or YEARLY flying stars is NOT adequate and can actually do more harm than good. This is a good point to bring up with a prospective consultant. Any one can look at the annual flying stars but without knowing the unseen energies or “Flying Stars” that are individual to your own home or business this could be disastrous.

AFSC or the Association of Feng Shui Consultants is a non profit association that I founded back in 2005 to help the public choose a qualified Traditional Feng Shui Consultant. Contact them to ensure your consultant is a member as their education has been confirmed and they also have signed the Associations Code of Ethics.