All of the consultations will incorporate ALL schools of Feng Shui including FormCompass, and the most complex & accurate Feng Shui; Flying Star School.

A deposit of $100 is required to confirm your booking and can be made by visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Direct Deposit or Cheque. Please click on the link and this will take you to our secure online shop.

For any type of consultation you will require floor plans drawn to scale, the year the home was constructed, birth details of all occupants and a completed questionnaire (will be supplied once deposit is paid).

We highly recommend you visit our testimonal page so you can get an indication of our client’s experiences.

Cost $660 (inc gst)

Please note that this consultation is for small business only – this normally includes premises that have no more than 10 staff.

This is the only consultation I now offer. With an offsite consultation it contains all the information required which is specifically tailored and relevant to your own business premises. We personally will be analysing your office and providing you with a comprehensive report in PDF format. This is not done with automated software – it is specifically tailored to your home hence no two reports are the same. This is such great value for money.

The great thing with today’s technology is  that we can now use tools such as Google earth to give us:

  • Extremely accurate compass readings
  • Allows me to look at and analyse the surrounding landforms
  • The street view function enables me to view the front of the business premises in addition to the street the business is located on.

This analysis does not include a site visit so can be applied world-wide.

There are a few conditions that must be met for me to conduct this special consultation.

  • The property must be able to be viewed using Google earth
  • Floor plans of the business must be to scale & need to be emailed
  • Age of the building (this is in 20yr periods – 1964 – 1983, 1984 – 2003 etc)
  • This price is for average sized small business (up to 300sqm)
  • Internal renovations are acceptable however any renovations with new roof lines would need to be checked prior to your purchase being accepted

Once payment is received, a request for the above information in addition to a short questionnaire will be emailed to you. Once you have emailed back the required information please allow 7 days for the completion of your comprehensive written report. As I mentioned this is individually tailored by me for you and as I do not use automated software so it does take time to ensure the report is specifically designed for your business.The comprehensive written report will include analysis including

  • The use of Form, Compass and Flying Star School.
  • Advice on water feature placement to stimulate financial prosperity
  • Recommendations on how you could improve ALL aspects of your business by activating positive energies and neutralising negative energies
  • Focus will be on every area of the business
  • Remedy suggestions if necessary that are inexpensive and practical & incorporate the five elements
  • Supportive colours and elements for every room in the business
  • Recommendations for furniture placement .

Other Information

  • Not sure if your business premises can be viewed from Google Earth?
  • Go to Google Earth and download the current version. Once downloaded you can then open and enter your address. If you can zoom in and see your home you will then be able to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Unfortunately if your building is not able to be viewed you cannot take advantage of this offer. The reason for this is that an extreme compass reading is required and without this information an analysis cannot take place.
  • If you need help with floor plans and are located in the Sydney area I recommend Andy Chee on 0424 904 829
  • Hand drawn floor plans are acceptable as long as they are drawn to scale and clearly marked.

I reserve the right to refuse to do any remote consultation if I know that the compass reading is on the border of two mountains and could therefore be a more complicated chart – this happens very rarely and your purchase price will be refunded in full if this occurs.

Contact us for more information or to book your consultation.

Pricing from $330

The annual date is for all of our clients who have had consultations previously to ensure their business supports them for the year ahead. It is recommended to be completed prior to the 4th of February each year as it gives insights into the year ahead. In addition to updating the Feng Shui of the property the Chinese astrology is also updated.

  • Recommended prior to February 4th of each year
  • Does not include a site visit but enables Liz to use information already sourced to update you on the incoming years energies and how they may affect the prosperity of the business
  • A summary email report will be provided listing remedies or precautions required for that particular year
  • Includes brief summary of Chinese Astrology for the year
  • Only available to clients who have already had a comprehensive consultation.
Contact us for more information or to book your consultation.