Have you ever walked into a home and felt that things are just not right? Maybe not the whole house, it could be just a space or a room, but you get a funny feeling?

Every person has their own energies. As we live and work we can leave an imprint of our energies in the environment, particularly negative energies. These energies can be left from the current occupants and also the past occupants and can influence the way in which we live, their energies can affect us. The great thing is that we can improve the energies of this space, clearing the negative energies by conducting a Space Clearing.

These negative energies need to be cleared so we can focus on “us” and not be swayed by the people who have left their negative energies.

I look at Space Clearing as a type of spring clean. You are removing the negative energies and inviting positive energies to enter your home or work place. It is such an invigorating feeling, you feel refreshed and clear, ready to focus on your life and what you want. Space Clearing is a vital tool in allowing you to rid your home of its negativity and embrace the positive energies of the Universe.

I recommend conducting your own space clearing and this can be done safely and easily by following the step by step guide in Karen Kingston’s book “Creating Sacred Space”.

If you are after a professional space clearer I recommend visiting Anthony Ashworth. He is a wonderful space clearer.