The word geomancy means:

  • Geo – earth
  • Mancy – divination of

Geomancy is the relationship between human beings and the subtle energies of nature which can affect our health and well-being.

When you walk into a home, room, space you feel strange? Something isn’t quite right? Yet you walk into other spaces and they feel welcoming, comfortable?

Geomancy is about harmonising your environment and can bring harmony between the people and the space they occupy. It deals with the location of the different type of stress in your environment and implements the relevant remedies. Geomancy mainly deals with electromagnetic fields and negative energies known as Geopathic Stress.

Geopathic Stress can cause irritation, poor sleep, ill health and other disturbances and need to be remedied. It can also affect your animals and your plants.

In a geomancy consultation the primary focus is on the Geopathic stresses which include:

  • Geo-magnetic lines
  • Geological fault lines
  • Ley Lines
  • Negative and positive psychic impressions
  • Underground water

If one or more of the above are found the remedies will be put in place

It is interesting to note that bee hives, nests of ants, wasps and termites are usually always located on negative earth energies.

For Geomancy consultations I recommend Towards Awareness who can be contacted on 02 4751 2904