I never thought I would build a home using Feng Shui principles, yet my husband and I stumbled across a block of land and now our DA has just been approved.

The land was great, I did the feng shui and knew the house we would build would support money, health and relationships. That being said trying to find a design to ensure this happened was a very frustrating process – especially for my husband.

When I say the land was great – it has great landform feng shui. High side, slightly declines to the left (when looking at it), great regular shape block and also is facing the right direction from a Flying Star point of view.

The main door was important as I want to ensure the house supports our ability to make money – this was easily ticked off due to the flying stars located at the front of the property.

The bedroom was the next – this was a hard one as we have four children so trying to ensure I had everyone sleeping in supportive energy proved challenging, but we got there in the end. Is it perfect? No – but there are workarounds such as colour choices, bed positioning etc.

The next thing we looked at was the stove placement – this was really important to me and with the help of Carolyn McCallum I have ensure that it is in the perfect position to support the family.

Given I sell houses for a living re-sale is extremely important. I live in an area of Sydney that has a high Chinese influence so ensuring the house has good feng shui in addition to other aspects that Chinese buyers look for. This includes things such as ensuring you have an additional bedroom and bathroom downstairs in addition to the bedroom upstairs. This opens your market up dramatically, especially if people live with their inlaws.

Having separate living areas – once again a must. Whilst open plan can work – you need to balance it with some private space for people to get away and relax.

Increase ceiling height – for a small cost this makes a huge difference in the feel and energy of the home.

A lovely welcoming foyer area – this allows the Qi to gather and meander around the home.

If you are looking at building I highly recommend you contact me to discuss your design prior to signing off on anything. Actually in a perfect world you would do this with the block of land you are thinking of purchasing – if it works you can make the house fit. If the land is the wrong shape, direction etc – these are things you cannot change and may have a negative impact on your build.

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