Clients usually engage a Feng Shui consultant to improve different aspects of their life in areas such as business, wealth, career, health, relationships and academic achievement. We can analyse environment and make changes to ensure we receive maximum support. Feng Shui Living is committed to helping you analyse the issues present in your building using the principles of Feng Shui and offer solutions for improvement. As a Feng Shui expert, Liz prefers to minimise the use of Chinese adornments where possible and instead provide recommendations in a subtle manner through fine-tuning and harnessing the energies that you and your property are receiving through the use of colour and furniture placement. Liz has undertaken thousands of hours of specialised training, teaching and consulting in traditional Feng Shui methods of Form School, Flying Star School and Chinese Astrology/Four Pillars of Destiny over many years. In essence, Liz is able to provide recommendations that will maximise the energy of the home for the occupants so that there is improvement in the health, wealth and relationship areas of their lives.

To be able to provide any analysis it is crucial that we have an accurate floor plan drawn to scale showing all the rooms, doors and windows and know the construction date of the building within a 20 year period (e.g. 1944 – 1964, 1964 – 1984 etc). Additionally if there have been any renovations or extensions involving the removal or addition of the roof we would need to know when these occurred.

We highly recommend you visit our client testimonial page so you can get an indication of our clients experiences.

Price $550 inc GST

Lets keep things simple. In today’s environment it’s super important to ensure that we alleviate stress and so to make it easy Liz has come up with one consultation that is available to anyone, anywhere and it’s conducted by her from start to finish. The analysis and report writing by Liz ensures that you are receiving the very best in experience and expertise within the Feng Shui industry.

This is not a one size fits all consultation, it is specifically tailored to your own home, every report is as individual as you are and Liz does not use automated software, instead she calls on her experience and inept ability to communicate what it is you need to hear to make a difference in your life.

There will also be additional general tips and hints for each room in the home in addition to looking at the challenging yearly energies for 2020 and 2021!

Please note that this consultation does NOT include a site visit so can be applied WORLDWIDE. There are a few conditions that MUST be met for Liz to conduct this virtual consultation.

  • The property must be able to be viewed using Google earth
  • Floor plans of the home must be to scale & need to be emailed
  • Age of the building (this is in 20yr periods – 1964 – 1983, 1984 – 2003 etc)
  • This price is for a single story dwelling
  • Second story homes are $660 inc gst
  • Internal renovations are acceptable however any renovations with new roof lines would need to be checked prior to your purchase being accepted
  • Payment is made at the time of booking the consultation and can be made via paypal or direct deposit.

Once payment is received, a request for the above information in addition to a short questionnaire will be emailed to you. Once you have emailed back the required information please allow 7 days for the completion of your comprehensive written report. As I mentioned this is individually tailored by Liz for you and as Liz does not use automated software, it does take time to ensure the report is specifically designed for your home. The comprehensive written report will include analysis including :

  • The use of Form, Compass and Flying Star School.
  • Advice on water feature placement to stimulate financial prosperity
  • Recommendations on how you could improve ALL aspects of your life by activating positive energies and neutralising negative energies
  • Focus will be on every room in your home
  • Remedy suggestions if necessary that are inexpensive and practical & incorporate the five elements
  • Supportive colours and elements for every room in the home
  • Recommendations for furniture placement

Other Information

  • Not sure if your home can be viewed from Google Earth?
  • Go to Google Earth and download the current version. Once downloaded you can then open and enter your address. If you can zoom in and see your home you will then be able to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Unfortunately if your home is not able to be viewed you cannot take advantage of this offer. The reason for this is that an accurate compass reading is required and without this information an analysis cannot take place.
  • Hand drawn floor plans are acceptable as long as they are drawn to scale and clearly marked.

Liz reserves the right to refuse to do any virtual consultation if she knows that the compass reading is on the border of two mountains and could therefore be a more complicated chart – this happens very rarely and your purchase price will be refunded in full if this occurs.

Because you will have had a comprehensive consultation completed you will be able to take advantage of the annual assessment each year which is only available Liz’s current clients!

Pricing from $220 inc GST

The annual date is for all of our clients who have had consultations previously to ensure their home supports them for the year ahead. It is recommended to be completed prior to the 4th February each year as it gives insights into the year ahead. In addition to updating the Feng Shui of the property the occupants Chinese astrology is also updated.

  • Recommended prior to February 4th of each year however it can be done at any time
  • Does not include a site visit but enables Elizabeth to use information already sourced to update you on the incoming years energies and how they may affect the occupants in the home
  • A summary email report will be provided listing remedies required for that particular year
  • Includes a brief overview of your Chinese Astrology for the year
  • Only available to clients who have already had a comprehensive consultation