Janet of Collaroy

I feel there have been some significant shifts in the energy of the family in the house. Dave & Kate are much more relaxed and Kate told me today she is loving being there. The [...]

Erwin of Newcastle

Hi Liz I am doing great ! My wealth and my income has improved since consultation. Will chat to you soon Erwin

Judy of Wentworth Falls

Thanx again for giving me the motivation to start de-cluttering my house - and yes i have started! I started with the pens/pencils & paperwork on the stool next the back sliding door! U would [...]

Kate of Central Coast

Hi Liz. We have had some amazing changes. Not sure if we told you we won $3800 on lotto. We haven't had any further money wins, but Louise has been able to make some positive [...]

Karen & Frank – Emu Plains

Hello Liz, well where do we start?! Received both reports thank you. Wow, you put a lot of work into them don't you. Liz I don't know if this is just a coincidence, but in [...]

Bob and Marie – Remote Consultation

Hi Liz, We hope you are well.I am just contacting you to let you know how things are progressing since our Consultation. Both Marie and myself have found a definate change in our home. We [...]

Gina – Residential Consultation

Things are definitely better. We can feel a lot of peaceful energy in the house, having removed all the red from the centre and placed in the foyer and also near the lounge set. All [...]

Katrina – Residential Consultation

Great to hear from you. Things have certainly changed around here. I've been seeing a specialist in the city and now I hardly have any nausea or anxiety and the depression has gone. I found [...]

Kirsty – Residential Consultation

I wanted to tell you that since your consultation, a number of the things we discussed are improving. Christmas was great withall the family here and there was much less tension in the house and [...]