I seriously cannot believe it has been over two months since I have had a chance to post on this blog. January and February are traditionally the busiest months for me as I am updating clients on their Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology for 2011. In addition to this I always get heaps of new clients as they start to take an interest in Chinese New Year which then leads them to Feng Shui!

In addition to this we moved house 3 weeks ago and it is brilliant. This is actually the first time I have had a home where the Feng Shui supports my family and what a difference it makes. The Qi flow of the house is amazing and the opportunities are coming thick and fast to improve all aspects of our lives. Every one that walks in comments on the feel of the home with my mum saying it has a ‘majestc’ feel. I am very grateful to have moved into my dream home and the bonus is that the Feng Shui is brilliant. There are no remedies required – other than a strategically placed calabash – and that is all. My water features are enhancing my wealth sectors however the main thing is the Qi flow. This is soooooo important – and often something that is overlooked.

I am also amazed at the ‘stuff’ we threw out. One load to the tip weighed ‘580 kgs’ – and we had another five or so car loads. It’s amazing how the physical clutter weighs you down and you’re usually not even aware of it. This includes if your ‘stuff’ is in your garage – it will affect you so it’s best to clear it out – have a garage sale and make some $$$$ at the same time.

I had Peter from Towards Awareness come out last Tuesday to complete a Geomancy consultation – he is excellent and I highly, highly recommend him. Since he came out and did his dowsing, I am sleeping like a log and I find the good feng shui is enhanced as it is all working together.

Anthony Ashworth is coming on Tuesday and as a professional space clearer I have no doubt that this will also have a wonderful effect.

Looking back, my last house was very stagnant – but in saying this I required this time to work through issues both personally and also as a family. Remember you have chosen a house for a reason – it is there to teach you things that you will require on your journey and this is a positive thing. Sure, no one likes the shitty things – but take a different tact, look at it as an experience where you can gain and learn sooooooo much.

One MAJOR thing that I have learnt is that Feng Shui isn’t everything. It is the relationship with your environment – pretty simple really. Having your environment support you will defintely bring benefits, however so will many other things. Trust your intuition . I found that as I learnt Feng Shui, I started to believe more in it and less in myself. I wouldn’t do anything without checking my chart and making sure it was all ok and I must admit at times I found this quite stressful – and I know my husband di too! The same goes for date selection – it is so much easier to find bad days rather than good – and once again if you just waited for so called ‘good days’ you would get nothing done!!

So my advice – if things aren’t working for you, try Feng Shui – but be aware that it won’t “fix” things. It works to harmonise your environment so it supports the occupants. This is turn attracts opportunities however ultimately you have to take advantage of those opportunities and this is one place where you can trust your intuition. Feng Shui should not create stress, if it does you are completely defeating the purpose.