I believe that our home is a blessing and we have attracted it for a reason. It is there to teach us something we need to learn or experience which then enables us to move forward in life in a more positive way.

Think about the different homes you have lived in and then think about the different things you have experienced in each particular home. I am a big believer that we choose a house for a reason; it teaches us different aspects about our life and helps us in our journey through life. Whilst typing this I am counting the number of homes I have lived in………..I am now in my 21st house, so looks like I have a lot to learn!

I look back at the different things I have experienced in each of these different homes including marriages, divorce, babies, celebrations, jobs, children, etc.

As I look back at these experiences I feel truly blessed as these are what lead to where I am right now. The most challenging ones are the ones I am most grateful for because without them I cannot appreciate how absolutely wonderful my life is and how very grateful I am to the universe and the people around me.

These different and numerous experiences have enabled me to relate to people from all walks of life which I absolutely love and in turn helps me with my business and of course my life! As we all know the learning never stops however the way in which we look as these learning’s can change to ensure we benefit from them rather than have them work against us.

This includes looking at your home in a completely different way, remember your home is a reflection of you. Start to work with it, look around your surroundings with fresh eyes, what is your environment saying about you? Is it tired and run down? If so is this how you feel? Is it cluttered? If so are you feeling stuck in different areas of your life? Embrace your home, love it, feed it and learn from it. You are able to ensure your environment supports you – so use it to your advantage rather than have it working against you…..this is where Feng Shui can help.

Whilst travelling down the path of life we sometimes take a different road – is it a wrong turn? I don’t believe so, it’s just another learning experience that we can use to enrich our lives.

So rather than focusing on the problems – start looking at them as a learning exercise. In addition to this focus on what you have achieved and what a great person you are – stop being so hard on yourself.

When heading to bed at night I like to lie there and thank the universe for things I was grateful for during the day. There is always something you can find to be grateful for, such as “Thank you for the rain, sunshine, the smile from my kids, the smell of jasmine, etc .” This costs nothing however can change our attitude in seconds. Remembering of course that everything starts with a thought – so why not make it a positive one?

Give it a try for two weeks and see if you notice a difference. What have you got to lose? Nothing but negativity.