A friend of mine was always into Feng Shui – in fact he was such an advocate that I couldn’t help in getting swept up in his enthusiasm and I asked Liz to consult on my current Brisbane apartment. I have to admit I was sceptical – but thought, what have I got to lose? – nothing right. The thing that first caught my attention about Liz….. she’s normal! Completely down to earth, easy going, not fluffy and really straight forward in her communication. By the end of the consultation there was a number of things I was able to adjust immediately which left me feeling calmer and I slept much better.

Naturally when I moved to Sydney, Liz was a priority call to ensure that my new home was set up to support me, again Liz gave a solid and detailed consult pointing out things to better support me. I trust Liz, enjoy the detailed reports that are delivered after each session and like that I can refer back to them to ensure I haven’t moved something critical. I f you are considering Feng Shui and like people who are honest and real, give Liz a buzz. She is one seriously talented woman.