I love this Feng Shui blog and its ability to help me communicate my views and opinions about the subject that I am so passionate about.

I have hundreds of clients and after years of consulting and the past three years teaching I am still absorbing this amazing subject like a sponge – constantly absorbing new information, ideas and opinions. I believe that part of being a good consultant requires the ability to be open and receptive to varying ideas and opinions as this is a subject that has so many different aspects to it. There are many, many Masters that have studied and teach Feng Shui yet still differ on the interpretation. I would say that about 80% of information is similar whilst the other 20% differs from one teacher to the next. So I think it’s important to understand that there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule and in addition to this don’t believe everything you read or a told!

I receive so many emails from people worried about certain items in their home as they have read something negative about them – and my response is…..Does that item make you feel good? If the answer is yes, than it shouldn’t be posing too much of a problem.

Do you have a money toad at your front door? Do you like it? Does it conjure up positive thoughts and feelings relating to money? If so than great – however you need to realise that this has absolutely nothing to do with Traditional Feng Shui. It is based on intention, which we all know can be very powerful as we are using our mind to attract opportunities into our life. Where you need to be careful is if you have a negative intention associated with the object. For example, I had a client who was asking me about which way her toad should face. The first thing I asked her was what does she think about when she sees the toad. Her reply was “I ask him to give me more money because I have none”. This is not supportive and she would be better off without the toad! This then leads us into the topic which is what type of remedies are used in Feng shui?

I think the most important thing to point out here is that Feng Shui is the study of our environment and our relationship with it. Therefore when a home is built there is a distribution of energy which I often refer to as the birth chart of the house – it can give us an indication of what the occupants MAY experience in a home in relation to their health, wealth and relationships. I say MAY as there are many other factors that come into play including your Heaven Luck, which is your Chinese astrology and of course your MAN luck which is the luck you make yourself.

So when we are looking at the distribution of Qi within a home it helps us determine the most favourable location of the bedrooms which will support our health and relationships and the location of the main door as this determines the quality of Qi entering the home which will affect the occupants ability to make money. This is why the best time to get a Feng Shui consultation is prior to purchasing your block of land!

The location of your land is extremely important as this will determine the facing direction of your home which in turn determines the birth chart of the house. The next best time is when you are looking at designing your own home. I work on many projects where people have already chosen their land so I work with the architect to help design a home that supports the family. An important point to remember is that there is no such thing as the perfect Feng Shui home – if you have the positive you must have the negative however the art is in ensuring the negative is not located in important areas such as the bedrooms and entrances and a balance is obtained.

So what if you already have a home that is built? Well that is where a Feng Shui consultant will make recommendations to better utilise an area. For example some places are much better as quiet rooms such as a bedroom or meditation room whilst others are best as active areas such as an office or living room. The use of rooms is a very important aspect of Traditional Feng Shui – It is always best to be sleeping in supportive energy rather than a challenging energy and using a remedy.

It should also be noted that whilst you may be sleeping in supportive energy from a Flying star point of view if the landforms do not support the energy then you are not able to take full advantage of the energy.

If you are unable to move rooms or change the purpose the room is being used for then harmonising the energies can help including recommending the correct furniture placement. Moving a bed to a different wall can have a huge impact on your ability to improve your health and/or relationships. The recommendation may be to enter the home through a different door that actually supports your ability to make money – this can have a big impact on people’s lives – just read some of the testimonials from my clients on my testimonial page to get an indication of how Feng Shui has helped improve their lives. In addition to this you can recommend favourable elements for a particular room and also note elements to avoid. All remedies should relate to the Five Element Theory and be able to be explained as to why they are recommended.

As you can see Traditional Feng Shui is more than making your home look like a Chinese Restaurant! We work to harmonise your home to help make a supportive environment that attract opportunities for you to improve all aspects of your life!