New Moon (Eclipse) Astrology & Feng Shui – November 2012

  • The Chinese Astrological months of the Pig and the Rat
  • The Western Astrological sign of Scorpio
  • The Eclipses
  • Mercury retrograde this month

Hi everyone

Well just a shorter newsletter this month, however none the less important, as we enter the month of the Pig and there is an abundant amount of astrological and celestial activity.

Firstly we are still in the grips of a bias of a strong water element, which will continue and intensify till early next year. The hurricane and flooding in USA recently was representative of this.

Secondly the month of the Pig activates the next year, the upcoming Year of the Snake, as these two branches have a clashing or ‘activating’ relationship. The Chinese Solar year always begins on February 4, however any year is activated in a month previous to this.

So the Year of the Snake begins this month and the ‘Sun’ in its 12 year cycle, is heading toward its highest point in the sky. With such a signal you may find new shifts, circumstances, events, inner impulses etc representative of the next year, begin now. It gives an insight of the flavour, themes, and importantly the meaning that the year may have for you, as we experience the essence of the element of the New Year. The energy of the Snake Year begins now, however was ‘seeded’ in 2010, the Year of the Tiger. Therefore important and significant events that happened then, may re-ignite, and / or gather momentum and continue their unfoldment reflecting internal personal development, as we move into the next 3 Fire element season of Years, of which the Snake is the beginning.

As the Water element cycle concludes with the Dragon, The Snake also seeds the Metal element from which the essence for the culminative experiences of the next 3 years of the current 12 year cycle, will be distilled Solar and Lunar Eclipse All this astrological activity is then further amplified by the eclipses this month, especially the current Solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio represents our core, deep psychological qualities. This correlates and is consistent with the darker Yin qualities representative of the month of the Pig and the Rat, as we navigate the depths of the yearly cycle. The Branches of the Tiger and Monkey are also heavily implicated having strong affinities with the Pig and the Snake. You may be feeling the effects if you have any of these animal signs / branches inside your Four Pillars or influencing by transit as the Luck Pillar. Things may shake a bit as the energies are changing and activated. Sudden unexpected events often happen under eclipse cycles, with the purpose of making us aware of circumstances that are no longer consistent with our development and require transformation and / or letting go of. I’d expect nothing less with an eclipse in Scorpio, where old psychological material, patterns and emotions may surface to be dealt with so there can be new growth and regeneration. As an example at the time of writing, the Government announced a Royal commission into child sexual abuse in the Church. This will bring up old wounds and pain for many, however with the opportunity for deeper level of healing Eclipse time periods can require steady transiting. Sudden important decision making is often not advised until the cycle is over. The pattern, theme and impact of eclipses set the scene for the next 6 months, therefore having an astrological correlation to the beginning of the Year of the Snake Julia Gillard has an Ox and a Rooster in her Four Pillars, and a Tiger in her Luck Pillar the Snake having an affinity with these branches. The eclipse impacts into her chart and an old issue of alleged impropriety regarding past financial affairs has surfaced.

The path of the eclipse, by the way is transiting thru Cairns and I know of some who are traveling north for the experience The Snake is Fire element. This is in contrast to the current Earth year demanding practicality, stability and stimulating internal transformative processes through external circumstance. Fire is much more dynamic, explosive at times, and I will elaborate on this in later newsletters and upcoming talks next year. The last year of the Snake was 2001, and the intensity of the upcoming year may be no less impactfull. Fire rules the organ of the Heart and therein lies the key to negotiating the Year. I will also expand on this in upcoming newsletters. However needless to say a balanced heart, integrated spirit and impulse toward higher aspirationional development is implicated. Some courage will be required to firstly develop a deeper resonance with one’s personal unfoldment, and then to live by this. The challenge may be stronger for those whom have not oriented themselves toward, shall we say a ‘higher’ state. The consequence of this then is often confusion and disorientation as the veils between the worlds become less defined. Another shadow aspect may be intensified religious fanaticism. Governments and authoritative bodies might not be able to control the social unrest, rebellion, and forces of change that are sweeping the globe. For example, there may be other shows of rebellion like the ‘Pussy Riot’ in Russia, however this time the governments may not be able to control the individuals by apprehending them and placing them in jail.

Fire can be an intense, passionate, violent force. Last month bought not only the hurricane in USA, but the re – election of Obama. Looking purely at the personal astrology of Obama and Romney, arguments could be made for the Romney. However Obama was elected and this would indicate the impact and weight of the overall larger cycle of the Age of 8 as Obama, is younger man of vision and consciousness, is representative of one of the themes of this Age. Romney an older man of business and economics does not represent the theme of the current Age. Seems the themes of this cycle carried the weight. Its often a complex configuration of astrology from which to extract the relevant information. The Democrats also embraced the wider demographic of the communities of the Hispanic, Asian, and Blacks, as well as gay rights in some states. This again, represents the ‘all embracing’ philosophy typical of the current 20 year cycle, whereas the republican campaign was biased toward the middle class white community, and their party lacked group cohesion and synastry. Group cohesion is another prominent theme amplified and of significance in the current era Age of 8 As Obama is ‘strong’ earth in his Four Pillars astrology, heading into Fire years is therefore challenging as the elements brings imbalance for him and therefore you would see this reflected in the fortunes of the country. I would not expect the path ahead to be easy for America, especially for the imminent looming financial crisis termed the ‘fiscal cliff’. However positive momentum and progress may be made in the last 2 months of the year as Obama capitalizes on the water element to help moderate the situation.

So as you can see there is a lot going on. And to top it all off Mercury, the watery elusive trickster, creates its usual chaos when retrograde. So if are moving through numerous external and internal challenges, you are in the right place. It would be wise to stay balanced and centered as much as possible, especially in the next month or two as we move into the frenetic, intense, chaotic, economically obsessed months leading into Christmas.

Anyway that’s all for the moment Thanks again for their feedback from last time Till next time Vic.

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