The Month of the Dog in the Year of the Dragon | The Chinese Astrological signs of the Dog & the Pig | The Western Astrological signs of Libra & Scorpio

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This month we have a New Moon in the Sign of Libra (22 degrees) this Monday October 15.  This is also the month of the Dog in the Year of the Dragon and as such is the ‘clashing’ month of the year as the Dog is the opposite animal to the Dragon. In literal interpretation they are said to ‘clash’. It can be a particularly challenging, demanding, perhaps burdensome combination. Temperance and thoughtfulness are required in dealing with affairs and circumstances if they are challenging. This has not been the case in the events of the Federal and State Governments in the past week as they just lash out at each other. Perhaps the ‘sexist’ conflict between Gillard and Abbott is representative on a collective level of the conflict between balancing and harmonizing the inner masculine and feminine.

However with any configuration of this kind, the dynamic challenges us to something.

So this month is focal, perhaps the culminative (if that’s a word) month of the year in some ways. I have been meaning to discuss this dynamic earlier as it is very relevant and can be translated to other earth interactions in the Four Pillars. The Dragon – Dog is considered an ‘esoteric’ combination – representing a ‘gateway’ or transition that requires negotiation. It is a uniquely compelling combination that occurs only twice in 12 years in a ‘year to month’ dynamic. The last time was April 2006. It is an opportunity, if we have the fortitude to see it through, as we may not see the meaning and outcomes until the transit has passed. I will elaborate on this as some people have this combination inside their astrology / Four Pillars and many have the challenge this year if they have Dog in their chart, or alternatively may come into the configuration in a 10 year longer term transit called a Luck Pillar. Although the dynamic for the month, this theme may have been present for most of the year and will continue

The challenge is for spiritual or internal growth & development toward the higher potential of ones unfoldment, lessons we have to learn, karma etc. The only difficulty with the mystical process is it’s difficult to know what it’s about until you get to the other end and look back and then there is the understanding, meaning and clarity. The mystical process is just that. If it was clear and defined, it wouldn’t be mystical

Raymond Lo alludes to this combination of the Dog and Dragon as the potential for a 6th sense: “If the Dragon and Dog appear together in a person’s Four Pillars of Destiny, this person often possess 6th sense, and this is very common phenomenon when we observe the birth data of athletes as they need 6th senses to win a sport match”.

With any gateway, things become unclear, but transition is not just encouraged but demanded. This is an inescapable combination but the emphasis is to transition as it’s required for personal growth

You may find you are moving into as new phase / circumstance / internal cycle inspired by circumstances, or visions and ideals for the future. The cycle may also be coming out of one. One or other or both may be emphasized especially if the combination has a strong relationship to your personal astrology. If this is true for you, you may notice gates, bridges doorways more, (or bump into them). It will be more emphasized if you have either the Dragon and / or Dog configuration inside your Four Pillars. However any Earth in the Branches will do.

The new transition in the context of the current era, may be living a life of ones hopes, ideals, aspirations, especially those newly formed and filtering in, and yet also facing and managing the difficult, demanding realities and responsibilities of life. The challenging impulse is to go with the new in the current times of uncertainty and social dis – order

A transition also requires ‘faith’, and this is often tested when circumstances may be changing, challenging, confusing, often in an unfolding process where we feel we have little control. There can be a loss of faith, a discouragement in these kinds of circumstances testing our fortitude and resources as there may be a disenchantment with external circumstances and relationships that are at odds, and seem no longer consistent with our existing life’s path

However moderating and perhaps facilitating and encouraging this transition this month is the surface relationship of the Heavenly Stems between the Metal and the Water elements which aid to harmonizing the impact of the underlying earth configuration. The Metal element is discernment of authentic values and Water encourages psychological development and adherence to internal growth.

Application to internal development may therefore be beneficial and life enhancing, in honoring the impulse of this configuration and negotiating its challenge. It would be beneficial to pursue meditation, Yoga, reflection, metaphysical / spiritual practice of any kind if one feels the impulse to do so. This will help make sense of what’s happening and give meaning to the undercurrent of the transition. Another way to personally negotiate this transit is to help others in meeting their challenges and transitions with the skills of Feng Shui, astrology, divination, etc, as there is energy in group coherence. You may also find your work can (mysteriously!) develop under this transit.

This configuration can take us to new ground, new internal foundations, from which to move forward, which is a purpose of an earth year.

Being earth element (representing buildings and the physical dimensions of space) there may be an impulse to see buildings in an energetic way, or if this is already established, to quest for the deeper meaning of the energy of a building dynamic.


If there is a sign that exemplifies Feng Shui, it is Libra, the sign of the Scales The impulse of Libra is for balance, symmetry, harmony, aesthetic beauty, and the flow of chi in a building, as Libra is an air sign.

Saturn the Earth element planet that rules buildings, has been in the sign of Libra for the last 2 ½ years drawing our attention to, and encouraging us to live harmoniously and more easily integrating our living demands harmoniously into our physical space as Saturn has an energetic affinity in sign of Libra. This would also make understanding of Feng Shui principle easier and may explain the extensive and authentic ancestral information being revealed from the classical material in the last couple of years

Saturn has now transited into Scorpio on October 6, an interesting correlation with the beginning of the current Chinese month of the Dog. Our Feng Shui emphasis and dynamics will move into areas requiring much deeper, thorough and authentic understanding, as Scorpio is associated with the deepest aspect of the human emotional psyche. Our work will be oriented to this area and deep insight, detective work and deeper understanding will be required to satisfy the need and requirements of building design and recommendations. Scorpio challenges and requires authentic psychological growth and transformation. The understanding of a building, particularly the energetics of the building chart from this perspective will be an advantage to aiding the client make the appropriate choices and decisions regarding building design, whether it be the existing home, or any considerations for renovations and additions. For those consulting, you may find clients demanding deeper insight and interpretations.

This transit of Saturn in Scorpio will continue to late 2015 and I will make more reference to the relevance of the meaning of this in later newsletters and talks.

The next month of the Pig will activate the Fire element cycle of Years being the Snake (2013), the Horse (2014) and the Goat (2015). Whenever the new is activated, there is the challenge to transform and / or let go of the old. They go together. These years (as with all current years it seems) will be the culmination bringing to a head the issues of, and around, the GFC which began in the Pig (07) and the Rat (08) as they are they are the opposite signs to these years.

The Snake, being the beginning of an elemental season is also a ‘cardinal’ sign. Any of the cardinal signs are about initiation and new beginnings. It may be something totally new, or a new start to a business or venture from an existing base.  New beginnings may involve movement, often physically such as moving house, but also psychologically (They go together anyways). That’s why they are also referred to as traveling energies, or ‘Traveling Stars’

Fire is a dynamic element. Its energy goes into the world, wants to connect, infuse with vitality and warmth, illuminate, and has drive based on the visions generated and activated in the last 3 wood season years. Fire also calls us to propel forward from our Heart and higher aspirations. You may find yourself desiring to move more dynamically and quickly in the New Year, or you may also find circumstances around you have this quality, especially if foundations have been laid in the last few years. Fire arouses passions and fanaticism and there could be further discontent and religious conflict around the globe in the upcoming year.

The U.S. election

As the wood element cycle of years draws to a close season, as does the water cycle which had its inception in 2004. Obama had his beginning here at the Democratic convention in Denver, was elected in 2008, the peak of the water cycle, and this year ends the water cycle (not season). At the time of writing, it looks like being a very close election between Obama and Romney. The earth element dominating the current time period supports Romney as he is weak Yang Metal. The Earth challenges Obama. However Obama is representative of the Age of 8 so it seems line ball. There could be an upset. Also the planetary configurations on the day of the election (Tuesday November 6) are not smooth, and mercury goes retrograde on this day. This exact configuration happened at the last Australian election resulting in a tie and then 3 weeks of confusion, negotiation and resulting with the independents aligning with the Labor Party and a consequently compromised government. The US election process may also not be smooth

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