The Chinese Astrological months of the Rat and the Ox The Western Astrological sign of Sagittarius and Capricorn

Hi everyone

Well this is the last newsletter as we approach years end. We have a New Moon in Sagittarius in the Sign of the Rat. The possibility of new vision, insight, possibilities and optimism as the Rat, the depths of night (Yin) brings the first light of the new day

year has been a year full of numerous challenging dynamic astrological aspects and that’s been reflected by the great instability and change in many countries in the world. People have really noticed the arduousness, persistence, patience required, attention to reality, daily trials, that the challenges of an Earth year have bought. Like the Tarot card of the 8 of Pentacles, it’s been the persistence and application to the task over a sustained long period of time. The nature of the earth element, and its ruling planet Saturn, is that it does offer rewards if the work is done.

In contrast 2013 is the fire element, with the dynamic acting very differently and many have reported feeling effects of change last month, the month of the Pig.

It is again worth nothing that astrology does not impel events but is a reflection of the unfoldment of events, both personal and collective. An understanding of this therefore gives, amongst many things a psychological centering mechanism, a point of reference which guides decision making and appropriate actions and behaviours thru the understanding of these unfolding, complex dynamics. Giving deeper meaning and insight, then gives a point of orientation from which at the very least we can have a point of balance amidst the change of this very important time on the planet

Mayan Calendar

We also approach the dates so frequently referred to by interpretations of the Mayan calendar.

I have wondered why, if this date, in fact year, in fact epoch, has been so significant in their calendar and attracted so much worldwide attention even to the non – astrological community, why is this not also specifically inferred by other calendars, such as the Chinese and Western astrological calendars. They also have an astrological and astronomical history embedded into their ancestral culture of thousands of years.

What were the Mayan cosmologists privy to that the others weren’t? I have not extensively researched the Mayan calendar and its implications, yet there seem to be differing interpretations as to the calendar and chronology as well. Perhaps you have to think like a Mayan to work it all out

I like what Gregg Braden has to say re: the Mayan calendar and it gives a balanced perspective:-
“The winter solstice of 2012 marks a point within a zone of a shift that actually began years ago. Such a transition is a process rather than an event that began in 1980 and ends in 2016. Even with a margin of error of plus or minus a few years, this means we are well into the alignment that the Maya predicted more than 2000 years ago” Braden, Gregg. (2009) Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and the New World Age. Hay House. USA

Interesting that he makes reference to 1980 as this was the year that seeded the current Chinese astrological Age (2004 – 2024). The 1980’s also encompasses the 12 year cycle of 1972 & 1984 which are highly relevant to the current era, where significant events happened related to healing and the development of consciousness. The rise of the personal development era if you will.

Perhaps there are other astrological systems that do make a similar reference as the Mayans do, such as the Vedic / Jyotish system of astrology, but I am unfamiliar with these

I have written more thoughts re: the Mayan Calendar on the Academy’s website.

The western astrological paradigm currently, and in the upcoming years displays planetary configurations that are dynamic, challenging and intense and are. This is then inflected through the Chinese calendar. But nothing that suggests the specific ending of an era, outside of that we are transiting from the age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

Needless to say we are in a time of great crisis and change where we are challenged to evolve and transform thru this crisis and do the inner and outer work so that personal and collective evolution to a higher state occurs

These astrological dynamics in their core nature are demanding transformation of which the upcoming year of the Snake, like all the others will prove to be seminal.

Firstly we move from an Earth element year to a Fire element year. This Earth to Fire is in contrast to the natural trend of Fire to Earth in the customary 5 element cycle and it happens only once in the 12 year cycle

Secondly, and very significantly, when we examine previous years of the Snake (2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929) they have all had significant momentous events that have altered and shifted our world view, all being consistent with the inherent theme of the element of Fire, and relative to the evolving dynamics of the respective time reflected by the 12 year cycle and the Age. I anticipate that 2013 will be no less significant, impactfull and life defining as we enter the 5th year of the current 12 year cycle which began in 2008.

I will give a short talk about The Year of the Snake at the AFSC dinner in February and speak at length at upcoming AAFS programs in 2013. The Year of the Snake astrological discussion day (Melbourne, February 23 may be of interest)

Personally you may want to explore events, circumstances in these previous years of the Snake to examine their significance and see how the underpinning energy of the time was manifesting. This may suggest and give insight to the possibilities and potentialities and themes for the upcoming year

The Year of the Snake will then being followed by a significant mid – point peak year of 2014 which opposes’s; or brings to full light the events that started at the beginning of the cycle highlighting the change required. In 2008 the events of course being the year the numerous Government transitions in the world, the GFC, as well as many others. It seems the Global financial turmoil will continue as the underlying problems have not been addressed. But to see this as ‘bad’ is missing the point. What is required is addressing the issues, the financial, power and corporate paradigms that gave rise to the current structures which are ailing. Essentially we are moving from a patriarchal power obsessed paradigm to an internally oriented and dictated, earth and people centric, feminine honouring paradigm.

Also we see the emphasis in climate change, global warming and the environmental issues. We can expect the emphasis to continue as we move into the Fire element series of years as well as get closer to the Age of 9 (2024 – 2044), which is ruled by the Fire trigram

As I mentioned briefly in the last newsletter the element of Fire rules the organ of the Heart, and it’s associated psychological aspect that in Chinese Medicine is called the Shen. Therein lies the key to negotiating the Year. A balanced and open heart, integrated spirit and impulse toward higher aspirationional development is implicated, and being an agent of change and transformation and service in the world. The possibilities of this are accelerated at this time. Hence the astrological connection to the renaissance. Lots to ponder!

In conclusion I hope you have found the newsletters this year insightful and I will endeavour to continue them in the future

My best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas and holiday period See you in 2013!

Vic Ketis, December 2012

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