I have decided to start and use video to help educate and explain what Feng Shui is and how people can benefit from it’s use. This includes information for people who own or rent their homes or businesses, in addition to those looking at building or renovating. It also enables people to get to know who I am, as I’m sure we are all aware sometimes photos can be a bit misleading. There’s nothing like a good photo shop before uploading 😉
Some people love to read information whilst others are more visual and absorb information better by watching something like a video clip (I must say I fall into this category) so I thought “You Tube” was a good medium to incorporate into my website and I look forward to completing more videos in the very near future.

The law of Attraction at work?

I thought it was interesting that once I had decided to do this and completed my first video (see below & please ignore poor lighting) I was then contacted by Natural Therapy Pages to complete a video with them about Feng Shui that they could place on their website. From this then came a video for the Home Improvement Pages which focuses more on building and renovation. I am constantly amazed at how the universe works and when my intention was to do this the opportunities came flying in.

Action Required

The most important step however is taking advantage of the opportunities and this includes taking action. I am really passionate about Feng Shui and whilst I love what I do, I do work long hours and put an enormous amount of energy into my work (Just ask my hubby and kids) which in turns benefits both my clients and of course me!

This also applies to any one thinking of getting a Feng Shui Consultation. If you’re not willing to find out the date your home was built or you can’t be bothered getting accurate floor plans of the building then chances are you won’t be bothered following the recommendations given by the consultant. So if you want to change your life for the better, action will be required at some point or another.

I hope you enjoy the videos below and I look forward to bringing you more in the coming months.

Elizabeth Wiggins – Feng Shui Expert for Home Improvement Pages
Elizabeth Wiggins – Feng Shui Expert for Natural Therapy Pages
Elizabeth Wiggins – Feng Shui Expert – Feng Shui Information and Tips
Elizabeth Wiggins – AFSC President – 2009 Feng Shui Conference