When referring to Traditional Feng Shui the answer is no however when we talk about Man Luck the answer is absolutely!

Affirmations are very powerful and are great to use as often as possible although there are a few little tricks of the trade.


  1. Rather than just repeating words, you need to feel the emotions of having what it is you are affirming NOW! Forget the future, it is the now we are concerned with. ALWAYS repeat an affirmation in the present tense. Basically you need to trick you mind………….. For example, your affirmation is ” I have a black 2008 model BMW “. Now you can keep repeating this however if there is no emotion attached to it the impact will be minimal. Now instead close your eyes and think about how you would feel driving and owning that car. Feels good doesn’t it? The trick is to feel this all the time and that particular energy will be attracted to you therefore presenting you with opportunities to gain what it is you are affirming.
  2. Be grateful. As silly as it sounds the majority of people I meet are focused on what they don’t have rather than on what they do have. Thank the universe each night before you go to bed and each morning you wake up for things you are grateful for. It could be the beautiful blue sky, the smell of coffee, the work you received, the smile of your kids……you get the picture.
  3. Focus on the positive things. A great saying my teacher taught me is “What you fear you attract”. This is amazingly true so therefore if you focus on negative stuff you will attract it……..this can also be turned around…..so if you focus on positive stuff you will attract that instead. Test it out for yourself. Just say your partner or husband is annoying you, you only see his faults therefore you will only attract these faults. Instead start to focus on what you love about them. What attracted you to them in the first place? Their humour, good looks, twinkle in the eye, great smile, their love for you????? Focus on these things and I bet you will start to experience more of it.

Unfortunately in today’s day and age we are constantly bombarded with negativity – we need to take responsibility for our thoughts which in turn become our reality. You will be amazed at the people and situations that you will attract and experience when you start to change the way you think and feel.

When someone asks how you are feeling – just reply “Fantastic” and smile. Even if you are not feeling great just replying with this will start to make you feel better. You and you alone are the only one in control of the way you feel. The best advice my father ever gave me was “No one can make you feel guilty – except you”. This changed my life.

  • Change your thoughts
  • Change your feelings
  • Change your life

So how does this fit in with Feng Shui? When we talk about Feng Shui remedies or products this is where you can use your affirmations. Each time you see the product it reminds you to repeat your affirmation. For example if you have a money toad in your home and each time you look at it you think “I’ve got plenty of money” then it’s doing it’s job. Therefore it’s not the toad that has the magical powers it is your intention, this is why we say that all of our products are used symbolically to assist you in enhancing your wealth, health and relationships. Check out our different products at Everything Feng Shui