After you left, we shuffled a few things around as per your recommendations and Peta had the best night sleep she has had whilst being here. I have actually been getting up earlier, (getting close to my 5.30-6.30 awakening that I prefer) rather than being sloth like and sleeping in till 8 am on a work day. I have also noticed a slight change in my energy levels, I have been running a few times since we saw you.

Business wise, we only had our first customer a month ago, but Pete is having about a 98% success rate with potential new customers. At this rate I can resign from my full time job in 3 months to concentrate on the business and growing it. It was lovely to meet you and as I said to Peta after you left, it is always nice to meet people that are passionate about what they do. It is also very nice to meet someone that, being in business themselves is interested in speaking to others going out on their own, about their experiences and how they overcame difficulties or how they respond to situations in order to stay positive about what it is that they want to achieve, so, thank you.