Things are definitely better. We can feel a lot of peaceful energy in the house, having removed all the red from the centre and placed in the foyer and also near the lounge set. All three of us are digesting our food better. We had inadvertently put the chiming clock right on the wall above the lucky bamboo (it’s new spot as suggested by you) in the north sector downstairs. The clock was there for one day and it’s amazing how both of us were feeling irritable. It’s incredible how subtly yet powerfully the energies work either way. It is now in the right sector which we are keeping quiet as an area. We have been sleeping so much better, feel so much more peaceful and our interactions with each other are decidedly harmonious. We have been having pleasant conversations 🙂

It’s interesting how you have written in your notes about susceptibility of eye disease in the person using NE bedroom upstairs. Well I was using that room when trying to do some writing. I had developed fuzzy sight that disappearedonce I stopped using that room. That was last year.

You have perfectly described how my friend was behaving when she lived here, using the bedroom in the north. She even had multiple instances of minor accidents and her romance also went sour. We had a lot of clutter in the west outside. It’s amazing how immediately after she left, clearing that clutter in the garden was among the very first things that we did. It appears that she had perfect conditions here to go through what she needed to go through at that time of her life.

Having said that, knowing now that her room’s energies were affecting her in such adverse ways, I am finding it easier to be compassionate and forgiving of her earlier “unacceptable” behaviour. Thank you for that for providing all that information.