For those of you who are previous clients make sure you book in for your Annual Update for 2019 – the Year of the Pig  Remember, for best results you need to have this information PRIOR to the changeover date of 4 February 2019, however if it is after that date just put into place as soon as you can. This service is highly recommended to ensure a healthy, wealthy and positive relationship filled year in 2019.

By getting the Annual Update done it ensures the Feng Shui information contained in your main report is tweaked and considers the visiting energy in 2019. This can sometimes affect your Feng Shui by up to 40% so it is important you keep on top of this to ensure a smoother and more successful 2019.

For those of you born in either the Year of the Snake or Pig or have them anywhere in your Four Pillars, you should carry a pendant of a Tiger from Feb 2019 to Jan 2020.

If you are yet to have a consultation then if you book a Remote Consultation and you will get the Annual Update for 2019 included FREE.

The annual energy changes on 4th February and lasts until 3rd February 2020. The following recommendations should be put in place to further support the Feng Shui of your home or business.

5 = Obstacles in the SOUTH WEST

2 = Sickness in the NORTH EAST

As mentioned, the yearly energies move to their new locations on the 4th of February each year. There are two major ‘bad luck’ stars that should be remedied. These are located in the SOUTH WEST and NORTH EASTsectors from Feb 4th 2019 to February 3rd 2020

There are several remedies that can be used in the SOUTH WEST and NORTH EAST throughout 2019 and these include a metal wind chime for the outside AND for inside you can choose from a salt water curestriking a singing bowl, twice a day and/or hanging 6 metal bells on the back of a door. Just make sure they comfortably fall in both the SOUTH WEST and NORTH EAST sectors.

In the NORTH EAST sector we highly recommend placing a brass calabash which will also help to absorb the challenging sickness energy. In the SOUTH WEST of your home a Five Element Pagoda, can greatly harmonise the negative energy – I love my pagoda and find it a great remedy as well as looking beautiful.

The conflict star is in the SOUTH in 2019 and signifies arguments and legal issues occurring. To remedy you just need to add some bright red to the sector – just be careful of what base flying stars are already in this sector – to find this out you will need to have already had an analysis by Liz or Carolyn.

The SOUTH EAST is visited by energy which hinders good communication and supports theft (physical or ideas). To remedy a vase of fresh flowers or sticks of lucky bamboo will work well. Make sure there are no rocks or soil in the vase. The vase should be clear glass and filled with water.

The most prosperous energy is visiting the CENTRE in 2019. A Salt Lamp or moving water feature here will also work well but as always, you need to know the underlying energy (outlined in your full report) before activating this energy with either fire or water. You will find increased opportunities will flow towards you if you have your bedroom or front door located in the CENTRE. We also love the visiting energy of the NORTH WEST which can signify success and promotion – some red will activate this energy and plants here also work well. Once again be careful when activating as we don’t know what your home’s own chart therefore cannot know if you are actually activating a base energy so just be mindful and keep note of what changes. If it’s a positive change., then fantastic, if not – hen remove the red immediately. .

Grand Duke – NORTH WEST
Three Killings – WEST

Remember these names sound scary but they are just personifications of energy situations. It is like they represent the storm and knowing where the storm is coming from allows you to put up the relevant shutters (via remedies) as protection.

DO NOT dig, complete any major renovations or garden landscaping or make lots of noise in the NORTH WEST or WEST in 2019. Offending or disturbing the above areas in the garden or house may cause various levels of effects including illness and injury. Minor effects could entail short-term illnesses and loss of money whilst the larger the disturbance the greater the effects can be. If these areas are not disturbed, they are usually not a problem therefore avoid disturbing the earth or engaging in renovations or construction in these areas. Remedies can be employed to subdue or vanquish the effects of the disturbance however it is always best to avoid rather than cure. If these areas are disturbed, place metal between the building and the disturbance such as a metal wind chime. It is also recommended that you place a Dragon Tortoise or Pi Xiu facing the Grand Duke Jupiter direction (NORTH WEST in 2019) to appease Him.

Also remember do not physically sit with your back facing NORTH WEST in 2019. Move your desk or sit in a different position at your dining table if you must. It is fine to sit with your back against the NORTH WEST as this actually indicates you have the Grand Duke behind you and on your side which is a strong position to be in.

For the Three Killings you can also use a Dragon Tortoise, or Laughing Buddha and place in the WEST sector of the house – facing WEST. Unlike the Grand Duke you can sit facing the 3 Killings however you should avoid having your back to them as they can cause you harm. So, in 2019 do not sit with your back to the EAST.

If renovation or major landscaping cannot be avoided in the NORTH WEST or WEST in 2019 then you should choose an auspicious day to start the renovation. We can provide you with this for a $49 fee (Date Selection) if you need it – just send us an email.