Dear Elizabeth,

I am finally writing to express how happy Bruce and I have been with the Feng Shui” therapy “our home received from you. It was last July and from the moment we began to make the changes things began looking up! Bruce had just finished hanging up the first windchime when the telephone rang with a client accepting a quote.It was the first in a few very quiet months and one of the reasons we asked for your consultation. As we were short of money we did not put all the changes into place immediately – not that it required a lot of spending – however as we got to each there was always an improvement in the area it represented.

My office feels wonderful and people always comment on how nice it feels.You asked me to move the fish tank into the office which I did , and on to a particular wall, which I did and things were o.k.Then one day I spilt water while cleaning the tank and had to move it further along the wall ,swapping it around with a chair and once again the phone rings almost immediately with another client we had been hoping to get accepting our quote! When I looked at the change I realised I had put the tank next to my desk when actually it was the most appropriate place for the chair!

So if we ever experience any hiccups I now make sure I read through your consultation and check the areas it relates to are clear and things are in the best possible places.I moved the rubbish bins once from where you recommended and we had a terrible time with a client and the council, needless to say I moved them back very quickly and things resolved themselves.

So we are very happy customers and would not hesitate in calling on you again should we move house in the future! Thank you again for everything and we wish you all the best for the New Year!