There’s a lot of change brewing mid year in 2011.  First we have a partial solar eclipse in Gemini on 2nd June, highlighting communications (ie learning to listen, check your facts carefully and learning it’s sometimes not what you say but HOW you say it).  Eclipses often signal sudden and/or unexpected news/events and changed circumstances.   A New Moon/Solar Eclipse can bring change associated with new beginnings, new projects, a change in direction, new focus and perspective.  Of course, before you have a new beginning, there is often an ending of some sort.  The energy associated with an eclipse is strongest in the 3 days before, during and after the eclipse.  Try to avoid making important decisions during an eclipse as the energy around you will tend to be unsettled and changeable.   Wait a week for things to settle before making any final decisions.  Change, endings, beginnings and/or unexpected news associated with an eclipse can occur up to one week prior to or after an eclipse date as well as exactly one month after an eclipse date.

Then we have mighty Jupiter (the planet of expansion and good luck) shifting from Aries into Taurus on 4th June where it will remain until 11th June 2012.  This is good news for Taurus individuals seeking new beginnings, launching new projects and seeking opportunities to forge ahead.  Aries will also enjoy additional income luck, so hopefully they will be wise and get their budget and expenditure in order and start putting aside a healthy nest egg for future rainy days.  As for the rest of us, well:

Geminis will experience luck potential associated with inner cleansing of the subconscious, facing and conquering fears, rehabilitation and clearing the emotional and mental clutter in readiness for new beginnings and a whole new wonderful chapter in your life which begins mid 2012.

Cancerians will gain lucky opportunities via friends, social contacts and work associates.  This is a prime time to network and socialise.  Get a fabulous new business card printed and always keep spares in your pocket, wallet or purse.  You never know what that next friendly introduction can lead to.

Leos will love having Jupiter in their 10th house of career – finally you are placed in a key position to seek a better career position, promotion or raise – esp if you use the positive new moon energy around 29th August.  So get your resume in order and update your skills in readiness for an exciting time for your career beginning in the middle of 2011.

Virgos are encouraged by Jupiter to invest their time in education and/or travel or dealings with foreigners.  It’s a time for opening up your mind to new possibilities, increased knowledge and potential new horizons.

Librans will gain luck potential regarding abundance opportunities connected with money inherited, won or paid out.  This type of money luck is in connection with 8th house areas such as inheritance, insurance, bonus schemes, commissions, getting a great loan etc.

Scorpios will enjoy increased luck for important partnerships (personal and business).  People will be supporting you.  If you are in a negative relationship, the eclipses this year (particularly the mid year eclipses) will force you to take action and move on.  If already in a positive relationship, then the positive 7th house energy will help you move to an even better zone of partnership and understanding.

Sagittarians will notice a distinct difference between the first half of 2011 and the second half.  The first half is all about exploring your creativity, having fun, enjoying new leisure pursuits and potential romance.  The second half of 2011 brings you back to business where your greatest luck potential will revolve around the routines you have established in connection with work and health.  So, June is a great time to instigate a long term healthy exercise and eating program, and also a great time to declutter and sort out your paperwork.

Capricorns finally get to lose the serious façade and let their hair down during the second half of 2011.  Jupiter will be encouraging you to have fun, book a holiday, take up a new hobby, sport or pastime, explore your creative side and enjoy increased romance prospects.

Aquarians will be focused on the home and family.  The second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012 will be an ideal time for you to renovate, update the look of your place via interior design, invest in property and spend quality time with family.

Pisceans will enjoy additional luck potential connected with all forms of communications, so if you have ever toyed with the idea of writing a book – now is the time to make that dream into a reality!  If you’re looking to launch a new website, advertising program, give or attend talks or lectures, now is the time to focus your energies on communicating your unique ideas to the world.

OK, so now that you are aware of where Jupiter’s luck potential will be affecting your life from mid 2011 until mid 2012, let’s continue with the energy of change affecting us right now.

On 16th June there will be a rather emotional total lunar eclipse occurring in Sagittarius.  This eclipse will instigate change where needed (whether you asked for it or not), and place emphasis on the search for truth.  This could translate as seeking the truth to a situation, an individual’s feelings, or seeking the inner truth you have been avoiding.

Finally, just to give you a heads up, on July 1st there will be yet another eclipse (this one is a partial solar eclipse in Cancer).  This eclipse will be quite challenging because it will be pushing you to let go of the past in order to make way for future (and as yet unseen) possibilities.  It’s time to stop clinging to old ways of doing and thinking and open up your heart and mind to a new lateral thinking style and embrace the change that needs to come.

Monthly Flying Stars 6th June – 6th July

The monthly 8 energy brings a positive vibe to the South sector this month, esp in relation to abundance opportunities, finding new direction and goals in life and when dealing with property and real estate.

The Southwest sector enjoys a positive creative, romantic energy that also supports study and research conducted in this sector.  Burn some incense or aromatherapy oils to cleanse the Southwest sector and stimulate the positive creative, romantic and scholarly vibe.

The monthly 9 feeds from the annual 3 in the North sector, stimulating opportunity for promotion and increased intelligence and clever lateral thinking.  A healthy indoor pot plant will support this positive energy combination.

The 1+7 combination in the Northeast sector this month stimulates ‘sweet talking’ ie being charmed by speech, which can work well for salespeople using the Northeast sector in particular.  This combination also increases the urge to travel or ‘get away’ for a while.

The Northwest sector sees a temporary slow down as the monthly 5 energy joins with the annual 8 white energy.  If your bedroom, main door or office is located in the Northwest sector, this is the month to take stock, consolidate and plan carefully for the second half of 2011 – esp in readiness for October until the end of December when the annual and monthly energy combinations will be very positive and supportive of abundance opportunities in the Northwest sector.

There’s an increased probability of headaches and clashes between management and staff in the West sector this month.  Add some earth element (ie yellow, ochre or natural earthy tones and some ceramics or stoneware or a collection of precious gems in a ceramic container) to the West sector this month, be extra careful with your communications and try to conduct important business meetings in the Southwest, South or Northeast sector instead.

The 6+3 combination in the Southeast sector increases the probability of weakness or injury affecting the head, feet or lower limbs this month.  Add some yin water element (ie black or medium-dark blue colour) to the Southeast sector to help calm the clash of elements this month.  If working or sleeping in the Southeast sector, wear sensible, supportive footware.

The East sector is affected by a very negative annual and monthly energy combination (ie the 5+2).  Remove any predominant colours from the red spectrum out of this sector if sleeping or working here, and increase the protective metal element via white, gold, silver, grey, brass, bronze colours, metallic ornaments that are curved or round in shape and the regular sound of metal via a brass bell, singing bowl or regularly playing harmonious piano music in the East sector.  A brass gourd or gourd-shaped object made of metal (ie a container with a big belly, narrow neck and an opening at the top) will also help drain some of the sickness chi from the monthly 2 energy in the East sector this month.

(Feng Shui Article by Derelle Ball providing Feng Shui Consultations for Brisbane, Cleveland, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast QLD)

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