My passion for the residential sector has lead me into the field of real estate sales. I believe I have an edge over other real estate agents as I incorporate my Feng Shui expertise which enables me to get the maximum sale price in the shortest possible time frame. To do this I advise you on preparing your home for sale from a Feng Shui perspective.

Do you live in the Sydney area? I specialise in selling homes located in Northern Sydney however am more than happy to list properties in all areas. I provide you with up to date information on recent sales of comparable properties in your area, including detailed analysis of local information and data that contribute to you receiving the highest possible sale price. The bonus is that I have an holistic approach to selling your home, so if you list with me you will also receive a pre-sale Feng Shui consultation absolutely free which helps to create an environment that supports the sale of your home, rather than working against it.

A good point to remember is that the majority of people have already decided if they want to buy your home seconds after they walk through the door so first impressions definitely count. Ensuring a smooth flow of Qi, enhancing the positive Qi and harmonising the challenging Qi, in addition to having a great agent is paramount when selling your home.

Last but not least is that it costs you nothing to list with me – No sale, No fee – what have you got to lose? In actual fact you will actually benefit as your home will be Feng Shui’ed by an expert!

Once you have listed with me, the pre-sale consultation will take place which includes an on site visit in addition to a written report summarising the recommendations required to get your home ready for sale.

These recommendations all work with the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood) and they focus on making your home “feel right” energetically. We are not talking about major renovations but rather subtle yet very effective solutions.

To ensure the consultation is tailored for your specific home two important pieces of information are required:

  • Floor plans of the home (must be to scale)
  • Age of the building

As I am sure you are aware Feng Shui has a lot to offer to facilitate a successful sale however choosing an agent is even more important so combining the two of these elements is the key to a successful sale. So if you would like to sell your home, or have been trying to sell it for a while then why not ensure your home supports the process by engaging me as your selling agent?

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