I get so many emails from people stressing about various so called “Feng Shui” no no’s and I want to let people know that Feng Shui is not everything and the majority of things you read on Feng Shui (including this blog) are quite generalised. My analogy is that if you are sick, you can google your symptoms and come up with so many different illnesses or you can go to to the doctor and find out what is really going on. This also applies to your own Feng Shui – you can search the Internet for remedies or you can contact a qualified and experienced consultant!

If things are good then chances are you have quite good Feng Shui……don’t go looking for Feng Shui problems. That being said if you have noticed that since you moved in your new home or business things have taken a turn for the worst then Feng Shui could be an issue.

Your home has its own birth chart which looks at the distribution of “unseen” energies in a building. The art is in the interpretation of these energies and the recommendations made by a consultant. Now to enable us to work this birth chart out we require a floor plan, age of the home and an accurate compass reading. If you have had a Feng Shui consultation and the consultant has not requested this information I’m sorry to say this is not a Traditional consult.

Now back onto the topic:

It is believed our luck is determined by three factors:

  1. Heaven Luck
    Is what luck you were born with. It is sent from the Heaven’s and is determined at the time you were born. Heaven luck is also known as your Four Pillars of Destiny or Chinese Astrology.

    Chinese Astrology is a tool that is used to tap into your Heaven Luck to reveal the hand that you have been dealt in this lifetime. Once we have this knowledge, we are more empowered to make changes that can help improve our lives. This information can be used to help explain why you might experience certain things, and provide practical advice on how you might improve your quality of life.

  2. Earth Luck
    Comes from your surroundings and the environmental influences. This is where Feng Shui comes in to play. Feng Shui focuses on harmonizing and balancing the energies in our environment.
    You have total control over this, so think about how things have been since moving into your home or business. Are they better or worse? You may have found that since 2004 things have taken a turn for the worst.

    As Traditional Feng Shui takes into account the influence of time on a building the energies are in a constant state of change and in 2004 there was a change in 20 year periods. From 1984 to 2004 we were in Period 7 and since February 2004 we are now in Period 8 until Feb 2024 so there was a large shift in energy and hence what was positive has now turned into a negative influence and should be remedied. This is one way Feng Shui is used.

  3. Man Luck
    Is the way in which you decide to live your life and is determined by your own actions therefore you are in total control of your man luck. Are you a positive person? Do you believe the cup is always half full? Do you surround yourself with positive people?

    Using your mind to create reality is something that has been used throughout history, this is where visualisations and affirmations are fantastic.

These different types of luck are said to account for about one third each so as you can see just because you have great Feng Shui doesn’t mean life will be fabulous! And the reverse is also true – just because you have bad Feng Shui doesn’t mean your life will be terrible.

It’s all about balance and for me it’s about taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you and this can include ensuring your environment supports you rather than have it working against you so why not have your Feng Shui looked at and have it supporting your family /or business?

No matter what you are going to get from A to B. When your Feng Shui is not working for you it’s like there is a strong wind against you. When your Feng Shui is supporting you it’s like the wind is behind you – I know which one I would prefer.

I would however advise that it is not a good thing being obsessive about Feng Shui. There are heaps of books that scare the pants off you – in my opinion this is not a good thing as it can have quite an impact on your man luck. Our thoughts turn into our reality so remember – What you fear you attract. By all means follow the general tips but at the same time take what you read with a grain of salt and if you want if you want good advice contact a qualified and experienced consultant like me!