Can you feel the change in the air? Spring is well and truly here and Summer is only just around the corner! Before you know it the Year of the Horse will be on our doorstep!

To make this month flow as smoothly as possible follow the recommendations below to maximise the Feng Shui potential of your home or business.

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The month energy changed on 7th September and lasts until 7th October 2013. The following recommendations should be put in place to further support the Feng Shui of your home or business.

If your front door is located in the East, or North West then you should take particular notice of the advice below as your house is more likely to be affected by these visiting challenging energies.

Each month the most challenging energy is the 5 catastrophe and 2 sickness stars. These need to be dealt with appropriately to minimise their negative effect on you. The 5 is in the North West this month which is the sector relating to the father. Placing a pagoda or metal bells on the back of a door located in this area or ringing a space clearing bell morning and night will greatly help minimise the challenging negative located here.

As you know the most challenging energy all year is located in the centre and the energy this month makes it even more challenging. Be sure to have a salt water cure or metal bells or brass pagoda located in the centre of your home – especially if it is an area that is activated frequently like a hallway etc.

The 2 sickness star visits the East but sickness energy will also prevail in the South West as the yearly sickness energy is located here. Therefore to help remedy this you should place one of the following in both the East and South West of your home or business. Remember in terms of business – sickness energy relates to sickness of finance not just physical sickness relating to health. To help remedy again you can use either the Brass Calabash and/or metal bells in this sector if you followed our advice for the year. Alternatively, if you prefer ringing a space clearing bell, metal bells or if you prefer you can use Six Chinese coins or a Brass Calabash to help harmonise this sickness energy located in both of these areas.

The conflict star is located in the South East and is further supported by the yearly energy already there. This can help support arguments and legal issues occurring. To remedy you just need to add some metal forms that are noticeable and/or splashes of red. The remedies mentioned previously will all work.

The North East is visited by energy which hinders good communication. To remedy a vase of fresh flowers or 4 sticks of lucky bamboo will work well.

The most prosperous energy is visiting the South in September. A water feature in living areas (not bedrooms) here will also work well this month. You will find increased opportunities will flow towards you if you have your bedroom or front door located in these sectors.