We all know that first impressions count. This is also important when it comes to selling your property. It is recommended that property owners plan ahead at least three months in advance of their selling date and use this time to execute a plan of action that will ready their home for sale.

Real Estate agents have seen many homes fail to reach the sellers desired price because of small repairs unattended to or unattractive presentation.

Dusting cobwebs from light fittings, cleaning carpets and adding a fresh coat of paint on bathroom ceilings can make a big difference to making your home look its best inside. Outside, jobs like weeding garden beds, water blasting the driveway and repairing surface cracks of brickwork or paths and rectify loose timber structure can give your home an edge over others on offer – not to mention a spruce of colour in the right place! Feng Shui has a lot to offer to facilitate a successful sale. Feng Shui remedies such as these can bring a house alive:

  • A fresh, clean welcome mat at the front door.
  • Ensuring the path to the main entry is clean and well lit.
  • A vase of flowers, or bowl of water in the right place to lighten the atmosphere.
  • Knowing the best colour to use to brighten a dark corner.
  • Changing the position of a lounge suite to open up the room and make it feel inviting.
  • Removing the clutter of personal nic knacks that may be nice to you but don’t set the right tone for a prospective buyer.
  • The best spot for indoor plants and outdoor planter boxes or pots.
  • The placement of water features including fish tanks to maximise financial prosperity
  • How to minimise the effect neighbouring properties might be having on your home.

Using the services of Feng Shui Living to get these things right can have a subtle yet powerful impact on the overall impression of the home and ultimately on the final sale price.

In times when sales are competitive across Australia, it makes sense to invest some time and money into presenting your property in the best possible way. Feng Shui Living can provide you with a full house and garden appraisal service.