Today I am blogging about the wonderful Sarah K Jones. I personally use the services of Sarah K and have done so for the past few years, I recommend her to family, clients and now to you! Basically every six months or so I feel the need for a personal clearing. As I consider myself an expert in the field of Feng Shui, I like to use other experts and I believe Sarah K is one of those in the field of Spiritual Healing.

So what is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is a profound and amazing method of reconnecting with all that Is. When we are in alignment with ourselves, and the Universe, we are able to succeed in all areas of our lives.
Sarah K is an open, gentle and compassionate clairvoyant, and can assist you in realising your true nature, come back to your heart and provide clarity and guidance to an issue that is troubling you. With divine intent and assistance from Spirit, Sarah K offers insight into your life and the path you are currently following.

Through spiritual healing, Sarah K works with you to clear and open your energy and your heart, enabling you to reach your true potential, heal yourself and change your life. A qualified Reiki Jin Kei Do Practitioner, Sarah K is a light worker using Reiki and soul journeying as tools to help you open yourself to the Universal Energy.

Whilst much information will come through about your path and a particular issue, it is important to remember that all the information channeled is purely to guide you. You ultimately hold the choices to change your path.

Assistance from Spirit may come in the form of contact with your Spirit Guides and visions of your past lives. All is presented to Sarah K at the highest vibration and purest intent. Sarah K is a profound and remarkable clairvoyant with the ability to inspire. Sarah K can transmute fear and doubt into clarity and a belief in yourself.

There are no props or tools used such as Tarot, runes, palm-reading or photographs needed – the information is purely channeled from the Divine. It is of high importance that it is understood that the reading conducted will be for you only. To protect the privacy of others, who have not given consent to have a reading conducted on them via distance, the focus of the session is for you and your path.

For reference at a later date, all readings are recorded via a portable digital voice recorder and are burnt to CD and given to all clients.

Allow yourself to be treated to a blissful experience of reconnection to the Divine through an insightful and empowering treatment with Sarah K.

Just to give you an indication of costs I have listed some different packages below, make sure you let Sarah K know where you found her!

On location – in Melbourne at Sarah K’s clinic.
  • 60min spiritual healing/reading $100
  • [45min spiritual healing + 15min clairvoyant reading] 90min spiritual healing/reading $150
  • [60min spiritual healing + 30min clairvoyant reading] 90min past life mapping $150
  • 90min spirit guide journeying $150
Distance Healing work – for anyone outside Melbourne or Australia
  • 60min distance spiritual healing/reading $110
  • [45min spiritual healing + 15min clairvoyant reading] 90min distance spiritual healing/reading $160
  • [60min spiritual healing + 30min clairvoyant reading]