During the past few months I have had lots of enquiries regarding people wanting to know if their prospective home has “good Feng shui”. Considering purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments than it makes sense to get the house checked out before you sign on the dotted line. Remembering that knowledge is power so lets make use of it.

Technology is on our side so why not take advantage of it and use it in conjunction with this age old science. Our home is our sanctuary and we generally all want the same thing – happiness. For me ensuring my home and business support my family’s health, wealth and relationships is extremely important – It’s all about balance. So with the technology such as Google earth I am able to receive extremely accurate compass readings, analyse the surrounding landforms in addition to even looking at the front of the home and the street it is located on!

The beauty with this consultation is that it can be completed remotely so an on site visit is not required however if you decide to go ahead with the purchase I would then highly recommend a full consultation and you can deduct the pre-purchase cost off the comprehensive consultation!

I do however still require three important pieces of information and they include:

  • The property must be able to be viewed using google earth
  • Floor plans of the home (must be to scale)
  • Age of the building

I personally think for the cost it is extremely great value and gives you the information to move forward in a really positive way. Our environment has a great effect on us so don’t underestimate it and start using it to your advantage. I use the analogy that you are walking from point A to point B – when you have good Feng Shui it’s like the wind is behind you, when you have bad Feng Shui it’s like the wind is against you and things are a constant struggle.