I engaged Liz at Feng Shui Living to help turn my finances around. I was stuck in the rut where anything I made was always getting spent. If I made additional money through work I would get a parking fine, or a council bill. I am a dedicated saver, but was losing faith I would ever get ahead.

Liz has managed to change this around. The consult was exciting, there are a lot of in-depth questions that get’s all the family involved. Liz is so enthusiastic it makes the changes she advises, easy to implement. Liz was also able to provide a lot of the remedies without us having to shop around for these ourselves, which ensured the momentum of the changes were easy.

The best bit was Liz explaining to everyone how important it was for us to do work on bettering our outlooks on life. Being positive and encouraging each other to give the Feng Shiu experience a real go.

After the first week my wife got a pay rise. Three weeks later I won over $25,000. Over the last 6 months we have gone from struggle street to comfort street. Whenever we need money the entire family check to see that we have cleaned the money corner. Not only is it fun, but it works. We are blown away.

Liz has given us follow ups to ensure we don’t have any more questions, its great knowing that the consult dosen’t just stop after we pay the bill. Actually when I review the last 7 months we would have to be $50,000 better off.

I cannot thank Liz and Feng Shui Living enough.