I usually don’t recommend people unless I feel my clients would benefit from their services so I have decided to blog about people I have been in contact with who have had a positive impact on my life and I feel may do the same for you. I have found them very professional and experts in their field and I really hope you are able to benefit from the info.

If you are into astrology Mystic Medusa is the person you are looking for! She is one very talented woman and her astrology columns appear every Saturday in the The Weekend Australian newspaper and her monthly column appears in In Style magazine. I have found her insights to be quite amazing and I have referred numerous friends and clients to her who have also found the same thing.


I have been dealing with her over the last few months and it has been really interesting to see the common themes between both Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology – I find it absolutely fascinating!

Her blog is fantastic with beautiful images and I love the way she writes – very down to earth and straight to the point – probably one of the reasons we get along so well! She posts daily if not several times a day and it’s free so go and have a read.

For those who would like more information on astro the DAILY MYSTIC is a Mon to Friday e-mailed out take on the day. It also includes passwords to read the Weekly Scopes and the monthly Oestro-Medusa horoscopes from In Style magazine. Unlike the blog, which can be whimsical, the Daily Mystic is a practical and in-focus astro-report designed to help you get the edge in troubled times and schedule yourself appropriately. Includes all vital times (eg; Full Moons, Retrogrades, Eclipses) in Sydney, New York, Los Angeles & London timezones. It’s only $6.60 per month – seriously awesome value!!

ALPHA MYSTIC Receive the Daily Mystic to your inbox + exclusive access to subscriber sections of the site including Daily, Weekly and Monthly Scopes for each sign. Seven days a week worth of fab astro, sign by sign & eerily accurate; updated every night for the next day ahead AND obviously featuring any madly current astro-weirding of the moment. Valid & relevant for whichever timezone you are in – important times are given for Los Angeles, London, New York & Sydney. These are $5.55/week or $19.95/month.

The awesome thing is you can Trial it for free to see if you like the info coming through. Just e-mail [email protected] if you would like a temporary password to trial.

Below is an example of the daily mystics for the 22nd – 26th January 2009.


This is a special edition of Daily Mystic that goes through until next Weds as Tuesday is a public holiday where I live AND I am doing some family things…as my Gemini daughter is back from hols & I have SO missed her!

But the Scopes are all up absolutely as normal and I will be back with a Daily Mystic for Weds morning…Thank you for your lovely understanding in advance…

Friday is brilliant Aries Moon chutzpah – entrepreneurial and impulse based biz moves are the go…Tune IN. There is a Venus-Saturn trine to keep you composed. It also helps with relationship wisdom. A great day to divine the truth or meaning behind relationships.

The main atmosphere on the weekend is simply a transcendental Taurean Moon – totally Zen and brilliant for Body Wisdom, like all Taurus Moons but also an excellent chance to rest up for a full on (in a good way) week ahead.

The building vibe from Monday is a Venus-Mars Opposition – tres Frisky! And then the Sun-Mars opposition (feisty – taking no crap, good for positive assertion) and next weekend’s Full Moon in Leo. It’s a week of being flamboyantly you, quick beginning love affairs or fast-flaring flirtations & sticking to your principles (no matter WHAT they are) with style.

The OTHER major vibe is that Saturn-Pluto Square dating back from last Nov. This is when old structures in your life crumble and you help them along rather than freaking out about the past. Again, think renovation.

So relax this weekend whilst you have the chance…Scheduling: Next Friday night is sexy but crazy dating/going out energy…It’s the full heat of that Full Moon in Leo and it involves Mars. It’s positive but show-offy…

The next Daily Mystic will be to you by Wednesday morning & please have an absolutely gorgeous weekend…