Mercury, planet of communications and machinery will be in retrograde motion from 20th August until 12th September.  When Mercury retrogrades, it has a tendency to muck around with your communications, travel plans, computers & machinery with unexpected breakdowns, glitches and delays.  However, all is not lost as this can also be a positive time for catching up with friends and family who you havn’t seen in a long while, and working through any unresolved issues.

In the work environment, sales people should go through their database of previous and established contacts and clients, and re-establish contact with them rather than just pushing for new clients and cold canvassing during this period.  It’s also a good idea to back up your important computer files and install the latest anti virus software at least a week BEFORE Mercury retrogrades.

If travelling during the Mercury retrograde period, double check your travel schedule, accommodation bookings and luggage identification. Allow additional time to get to the airport, (if flying), and make sure you have travel insurance.

Try not to sign important deals or contracts or make large purchases during the Mercury retrograde period as there is a higher probability of hidden clauses, misinformation and faulty products.  If unavoidable, then closely check the fine print in all paperwork and check the payment due dates.

During a Mercury retrograde phase, it’s always wise to have a contingency plan ready in case of unexpected delays, changed circumstances or communication difficulties, especially if working on a major project or travelling at this time.   Spend the period planning, prioritising and checking your paperwork, facts and figures.

Note: it’s handy to keep in mind that some people are also affected by a Mercury Retrograde during the shadow period (ie up to 3 weeks leading up to the beginning of a Mercury Retrograde period).

This information has been reproduced with the permission of Derelle Ball. Derelle has studied Landform and 8 Mansions Feng Shui with Master Rosemary Stevens and travelled to Malaysia to study Advanced Flying Stars and the Luo Pan Compass with world-famous author Lillian Too. She has also attended advanced Dynamic Residential and Business Xuan Kong Seminars with Master Joseph Yu.

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