I must say I am concerned about the number of Feng Shui consultants in Australia referring to themselves as a “Master” of Feng Shui. Consultants who have only been consulting for a few years yet have “paid” to achieve this title.

For me personally, experience is just as important or some would say more important than being able to pass some exam, pay a fee, and get a certificate stating to are now a Master. The ability to convert this knowledge into everyday scenarios is something that doesn’t seem to be taken into consideration. The ability to convert the information that has been taught is critical in the use of Feng Shui and to be honest this is where I believe the “art” comes in. Anyone can “learn” the concepts but putting into practise and adapt it to an individuals life is where the skill comes in.

So what does “Master” actually mean?

“A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity”

Well I suppose as with anything this is extremely generalised, however in the world of Feng Shui receiving the title of “Master” is the highest honour you can achieve. It is normally handed down from a Master to an apprentice after years and years of studying. But I’m presuming due to today’s society and the need to have everything “now” in addition to the use of marketing – you can pretty much “buy” the title of Master.

To be eligible you only have to be consulting for only three years …… doesn’t mention anything about the fact that you may have only consulted on a handful of properties – but that’s ok, as long as join, pay your money……oh and of course study with the “approved” schools you can achieve the title of Master.

Unfortunately I believe this was done with good intentions but will backfire on the industry creating a whole lot of so called “Masters”, given the perception of expertise and experience which I do not believe exists.

Ultimately like always, it comes down to the public choosing the consultant that they feel comfortable with.

My advice is don’t just choose a consultant based on their title of “Master”. It’s becoming all too common in our industry and to be honest – anyone can all themselves anything they want because our industry still remains unregulated.

Ask questions – Get a Referral – Ask for References – Don’t pay a fortune.