Well this is huge for me. This morning I deleted my facebook and twitter accounts!! Whilst a big decision it is actually quite a relief – I would wake up in the morning and check these accounts, whilst parked at a red light I would get my Iphone out and also check what everyone was up to. Anyway last night I was trying to work out why I like to do this? Is it because I like to focus on other people rather than taking a good look at my own life? Was it purely curiosity? Why do I have this urge to let people know everything I am doing?

I don’t have the answer but I do know I am going to have heaps more free time and start to live in the present, rather than worrying about updating or checking out what the next person is doing.

With four children, a husband, a full time career and my Feng Shui business I decided I need to simplify my life – declutter it. And what better way to start than electronically!

My aim is to live in the present – something I don’t think I have actually done before as I am always running around doing lots of different things, but honesty probably not doing one thing well. I have started my real estate career which I am absolutely loving and being able to incorporate my Feng Shui has been brilliant. I am also still consulting however the jobs I decide to take on are ones that I WANT to do……not HAVE to do. I think this makes a huge difference and in the end will benefit my clients because the energy I am putting into the consultation is a positive one.

Anyway I’ll keep you posted on the withdrawal symtoms, if any 🙂

Update 24/9/09 – Didn’t last with my facebook account. I found I was missing information and messages from friends and family…….that didn’t last long! That being said I don’t feel the need to post often which is good. Twitter however has been permanently deactivated so even if I wanted to I can’t get back in…….not missing it though.