Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant can be difficult at the best of times. It is a large subject, taught at many levels. As the boundaries between Feng Shui and related disciplines can be blurred, it is easy to get confused.

When I studied Traditional Feng Shui there were only a handful of Traditional Feng Shui consultants in Australia however now there are many more given the range of courses now available. The hard thing is to determine which one to choose! First thing first, you need to confirm with the individual consultant their level of study, questions such as who they studied with, for how long, did they have to pass any exams to obtain their qualification? From my experience there is no way you can practice Feng Shui after doing a week long course – there is no way the amount of information required could be covered in this time.

Feng Shui Masters and training institutions give out varying levels of qualifications and have these thoroughly explained on their own web-sites. There is no such thing as an industry standard, as each Master and training institution has their own individual standards for the students to reach. Therefore it is up to you to complete some research on the consultant to confirm their training and education. This can be done several ways – Ask the consultant to provide certificates of their training, contact the Master/Training Institution directly, or check with The Association of Feng Shui Consultants who have already confirmed their training.

The next important thing is experience. How many consultations has the consultant completed and do they have references or feedback from their clients? After consulting full time for over six years, I have completed hundreds and hundreds of consultations and each time you consult you usually learn something new! so whilst a consultant may have the qualifications putting it into practice can be very different.

It should also be mentioned that anyone can call themselves a Master of Feng Shui because as I mentioned the industry isnโ€™t regulated โ€“ so ALWAYS find out how they received the title and who from – Master Elizabeth Wiggins……….has a certain ring to it ๐Ÿ™‚ – NEVER be afraid to ask questions.

Consultants should not make guarantees that you will be rich and famous or that you will be cured from your illnesses. For some of us this isn’t our path or destiny. Consultants can only make recommendations that will help to harmonise the distribution of Qi within the building using Traditional Feng Shui principles to help create a supportive environment for the occupants.