Feng Shui energies change from year to year, month to month and day to day although please don’t send yourself crazy worrying about the daily ones. I personally focus on the annual ones and then take a look at the monthly ones to see what may be triggered that particular month.

As of the 6th June the monthly energies move to their new sectors. Below are some of the effects you may experience in the different areas of your home however it should be remembered that I am not aware of your homes natal chart which is the most potent. If you don’t know your homes Flying Star Chart then I highly recommend a remote consultation if you are after something cost effective that works!

In 2010 the two most important and challenging energies to be aware of and remedy are the very challenging 5 yellow, symbolizing obstacles and misfortune located in the South West and the challenging sickness energy of the 2 in the North East. The energy of the 5 is the most negative energy of all the flying stars and you will need to use a brass metal wind chime in the South West sector of the garden and metal bells in the South West sector of your home. Hang them on a door or drawer that is used regularly to help suppress this negative energy and avoid the colour red in the South West area.

As of the 6th June the number 4 flying star flies into the South west and this combination can signify issues with the reproductive areas. For women if your bedroom or main entry falls in this area I would recommend a breast examination and also ensure other girly exams are up to date. Even if not in these areas it is a good reminder to all of us to make sure these types of examinations are up to date! Also be careful of too much over indulgence such as drinking to much alcohol etc if spending long periods of time in the South west.

The number 2 flying star represents sickness and you will need a brass calabash and/or Six Chinese coins located in the North East sector of the house for 2010. For June the 1 Flying star flies in and whilst a nice energy on it’s own when combined with the 2 it can trigger relationship problems – especially if your bedroom is in the North east. My advice is not to over react, take a deep breath and observe rather than react’.

The 3 star in the South signifies an increase in conflict and arguments and joined by the 2 illess star can trigger lawsuits and litigation. Place metal in the South for June – six chinese coins tied with a red tassel would work well.

Conflict and fighting are enhanced in the South east for June – placing some chinese lucky bamboo in a glass vase filled with water will do the trick!

The East can signify legal issues or problems with authorities – especially if there is clutter and mess – if so – get clearing! This is enhanced in June so not a great area to spend time in. A brass pagoda would work well here for the month of June.

The north area can indicate good relationships however do watch for an increase in conflict and arguments. Place some red in the North to help weaken this effect.

The west and north West are great areas in June – so if they are located in your bedroom or front door then ENJOY!

Chinese Astrology for June

June is the month of Yang Water sitting on top of the Horse so if you have the elements of Yang Fire or the Rat in your chart it may signify turbulence, such as changing jobs, travelling, moving house and sometimes even accidents.

The clash is between water and fire so can mean injury related to blood. Don’t be alarmed, just be forewarned – a pendant of a Goat can be worn to attract away the horse. Remember knowledge is power.

It is important to remember that the monthly and annual flying stars are best to use in conjunction with the period star and the flying star of the building.

If you have already had a Feng Shui consultation it’s still not to late to book an annual update or otherwise you can get a remote consultation which will include the analysis for 2010!