Well as a mum of four kids aged seven to fifteen I have had my fair share of trying to keep Feng Shui compliant when it comes to space saving and incorporating Feng Shui! You do however need to keep in mind that a lot of information you read regarding Feng Shui is general information and not specific to your home. Every home has its own birth chart so having a kid’s bedroom in the east may be good for one home and not the other. So I am also going to focus on general info however am also hoping to swash any so called Feng Shui no no’s. Also keep in mind that if your child sleeps well and is experiencing good health and relationships chances are they are sleeping in supportive energy!

Types of beds

Bunk Beds

These are generally not recommended in Feng Shui due to:

  • The child underneath may be fearful of the bunk bed falling on them …….if you happened to watch the movie Step Brothers you could understand their concern.
  •  The child on top may feel oppressed depending on the height of the ceiling.

That being said some kids absolutely love bunk beds, I know I loved them when I grew up – as one of 5 kids we had no choice – we had to space save and i followed the tradition with my kids. Some kids find it a very secure and comfortable environment to be in so if your kids like the idea of bunks – go for it!

Beds with drawers underneath.

We could all do with more storage however you need to ask yourself what you are storing. If they are clean clothes or linen that are well organised then that shouldn’t pose a problem however if the kids are just shoving clutter and “stuff” in there then that is the energy they are absorbing whilst sleeping – not good. I must say I am constantly telling my kids to clean out under their beds – it’s amazing what falls between the cracks!

Loft beds

It is really important to ensure the child feels secure whilst sleeping so my main concern would be to ensure it is a safe place to sleep, sturdy and of good quality. As with bunk beds you also need to be mindful of the height of the ceiling – ensure there is plenty of room so whoever is sleeping there doesn’t sit up in bed and hit their head – this is definitely not recommended.  The best thing to do is talk it over with your child as they are going to be the ones using the space.

Single or double bed?

For me single beds are the go for kids. Just think about how you feel in a double bed with no one else in it? You can feel like something is missing or it’s just not as cosy. Once again this is going to depend on the child however for me single beds provide a sense of security and it’s a space purely for your child.

Placement of beds

Always check to see what is on the other side of wall that the head of the bed is located on. If there is plumbing from a bathroom it can indicate a gradual decline in health whereas an electrical box, fridge, TV or computer can give an indication of higher than acceptable magnetic fields which can lead to illness. The reasoning behind this is that when we sleep our bodies repair themselves however if placed in high magnetic fields the body is constantly fighting them rather than repairing and given time this can lead to a weakened immune system which can then lead to illness in susceptible individuals. The recommendation is to move the bed to an alternative wall.

The next step is ensuring the head of the bed is against a solid wall. This also provides a sense of security and protection. A cozy corner always works well away from the door way.If the bed head is under a window just ensure that you have good solid window furinshings.

With space being an issue sometimes we have no choice but to have two beds in the room with one that has the foot of the bed facing the door. Please do not stress about this, the main issue is the fact that the flow of Qi is strongest coming through the doorway hence it can lead to restlessness for the person in the bed. If your child sleeps fine then don’t worry otherwise just shut the door.


Bedrooms are a place of rest and from a Feng Shui perspective should be Yin in nature. Ensure the room is dark when your child sleeps. I understand that some children require a night light however once they have fallen to sleep you can then turn it off. Colours that promote sleep are best rather than bright colours, that being said it will depend on the child and what they like – remember they need to feel comfortable and safe. The only colour I would recommend using very carefully is the colour red. This is really the only colour strong enough to effective the flying stars of a room and if you don’t know what they are you can be enhancing challenging energy without even realising it.

Posters on walls

Kids should have things that are important to them as it is their space however try and make sure it has a positive message if possible. Remember our space is a reflection of us so having uplifting and inspiring pictures would work best.


Last but definitely not least is clutter. My kids are asked to regularly go through their book shelves and storage boxes to ensure anything broken is removed. Also any old clothes or toys can be donated to different charities and when I tell my kids about this they actually really like the idea of giving to someone less fortunate.

Under the beds is a clutter hot spot so weekly vacuuming generally tends to help alleviate things getting out of hand. It’s also nice to have special spots for things like awards or trophies. Rather than have ribbons or awards just thrown into a bookshelf put them on display with a cork board or something similar. Recognition for children is really important and aids in confidence and self esteem.