Feng Shui energies change from year to year, month to month and day to day although please don’t send yourself crazy worrying about the daily ones. I personally focus on the annual ones and then take a look at the monthly ones to see what may be triggered that particular month.

As of the 7th July the monthly energies move to their new sectors. Below are some of the effects you may experience in the different areas of your home however it should be remembered that I am not aware of your homes natal chart which is the most potent. If you don’t know your homes Flying Star Chart then I highly recommend a remote consultation if you are after something cost effective that works!

In 2010 the two most important and challenging energies to be aware of and remedy are the very challenging 5 yellow, symbolizing obstacles and misfortune located in the South West and the challenging sickness energy of the 2 in the North East. The energy of the 5 is the most negative energy of all the flying stars and you will need to use a brass metal wind chime in the South West sector of the garden and metal bells in the South West sector of your home. Hang them on a door or drawer that is used regularly to help suppress this negative energy and avoid the colour red in the South West area.

As of the 7th July the number 3 wood flying star flies into the South west and this combination can signify delinquency, getting into trouble because of money and sickness. Unfortunately I do not recommend placing red in the South west to weaken the monthly 3 as it will enhance or trigger the annual 5 which we don’t want to do. Instead stick with metal as the metal will help to control the 3 from misbehaving (metal controls wood).

The number 2 flying star represents sickness and you will need a brass calabash and/or Six Chinese coins located in the North East sector of the house for 2010. For July the 9 Flying star flies in and whilst a positive energy on its own when combined with the 2 it can trigger foolishness or stupidity. So if your bedroom falls in the north east just be careful of decisions you make regarding partners etc as they may not be good ones. Also if your front door is here once again just be careful of silly decisions – think things through. In addition to this the sickness energy is enhanced so ensure you have your metal remedies in place.

The 3 star in the South signifies an increase in conflict and arguments and joined by the 1 can trigger someone moving away. You can place some red here to help weaken the conflict and argument energy and make sure your South gets a good clean out to avoid any possible relationship issues.

Problems with the mouth and digestion are enhanced in the South east for July. Be careful with your food preparation of your kitchen is in the South east as there is an increased risk of food poisoning – placing some Chinese lucky bamboo in a glass vase filled with water will do the trick! To help harmonise the visiting 5 star you could place some metal bells in this area or a brass pagoda.

The visiting energy in the East can trigger a woman being hurt – avoid any metal in this area as this may further enhance this energy. Just make sure you have your 3 or 4 sticks of chinese lucky bamboo in a glass vase filled with water to help harmonise the annual 6 energy. It’s really important that this area is cleaned up otherwise relationships may become an issue.

The north area unfortunately is being visited by the monthly 2 sickness energy. This combination together can signify conflict between mother and daughter or conflict between the wife or her mother-in-law……………..well at least you now have an excuse 🙂 A brass calabash and/or six chinese coins tied with red is recommended for the North for this month as this will help to absorb any sickness energy.

The monthly 7 visits the North West in July and this combo can signify flirtation and also fire hazard! Just be mindful is this area falls in your kitchen. 3 or 4 sticks of chinese lucky bamboo in a glass vase filled with water would work well in the North west.

The west sector is great and if at the front door can indicate opportunities to make money so just remember to take advantage of the opportunities coming your way – ENJOY!

Chinese Astrology for July

July is the month of Yin Water sitting on top of the Goat so if you have the elements of Yin Fire or the Ox is in your chart it may signify turbulence, such as changing jobs, travelling, moving house and sometimes even accidents.

July will be a little slower than June and being an earth month is time for reflection – for me it’s about taking stock from the past few months and gathering it all together – being grounded is something that comes to mind.

It is important to remember that the monthly and annual flying stars are best to use in conjunction with the period star and the flying star of the building. This can be ascertained by ordering a remote consultation