Feng Shui energies change from year to year, month to month and day to day although please don’t send yourself crazy worrying about the daily ones. I personally focus on the annual ones and then take a look at the monthly ones to see what may be triggered that particular month.

As of the 8th August the monthly energies move to their new sectors. This is going to be a month of change, so be prepared!! The month of the monkey is in clash with the Year of the Tiger and this means change. Below are some of the effects you may experience in the different areas of your home however it should be remembered that I am not aware of your homes natal chart which is the most potent. If you don’t know your homes Flying Star Chart then I highly recommend a remote consultation if you are after something cost effective that works!

In 2010 the two most important and challenging energies to be aware of and remedy are the very challenging 5 yellow, symbolizing obstacles and misfortune located in the South West and the challenging sickness energy of the 2 in the North East. The energy of the 5 is the most negative energy of all the flying stars and you will need to use a brass metal wind chime in the South West sector of the garden and metal bells in the South West sector of your home. Hang them on a door or drawer that is used regularly to help suppress this negative energy and avoid the colour red in the South West area.

As of the 8th August the challenging 2 sickness star flies into the South west and this combination could signify obstacles and sickness and you really should avoid spending time in this area of your home if at all possible. I highly recommend a brass calabash and/or Six Chinese coins located in the South West to help weaken this energy. If your bedroom is located in the South west, ensure your health is in good order and by that I mean excercise, eat a good diet and generally look after yourself. Ensure there is no red in the South West as this will enhance the challenging energy.

In the North East sector of the house the auscipious wealth energy of the 8 flying star is visting. Whilst this is generally a good energy, it is supporting the 2 sickness star so you should still have your brass calabash and/or Six Chinese coins located in the North East for the rest of the year.

The yearly 3 star in the South signifies an increase in conflict and arguments however when joined by the monthly 9 it’s effect is weakened. Placing some red here will weakened the conflict energy AND will enhanced the prosperous 9 which signifies success and promotion.

Problems with lawsuits or marraige are enhanced in the South east for August. Whilst you may have your bamboo in place a splash of redis also a good idea – this could be in the form of a vase, pillow etc. Also keep this area clutter free!

The visiting energy in the East can trigger a problems with the feet – mainly for men. You may also find arguments between father and son if they spend time in this area of the house. woman being hurt – avoid any metal in this area as this may further enhance this energy.You could also use a splash of red here.

The prosperous energy of the 8 is visiting the North East and this can actually be a problem because it supports the sickness energy located here – just ensure you have your calabash in the North East.

The north area is being visited by the 1 star which I actually think has nice qualities however combined with the yearly 4 star can bring about problems with relationships – especially if located in the a bedroom. If this is the case then have a good clutter clear including wardrobes etc and just lie low for the month – try not to stir things up.

The monthly 6 visits the North West in August and this combo can signify lung problems in males, so if you have a bedroom here just be mindful of your health. If in a child’s bedroom you may find they become a little more rebellious or challenge their father. Some wood would work well here such as a plant.

The west sector can signify being bitten by animals so just be careful if your backyard in this the West and you have kids and dogs playing together.

Chinese Astrology for August

August is the month of Yang Wood sitting on top of the Monkey. Because the monkey clashes with the year of the tiger it signifies turbulence, such as changing jobs, travelling, moving house and sometimes even accidents. Therefore generally speaking you may feel restless and feel the need to change things. This is not necessarily a bad thing and indeed can be good, although with any major decisions just make sure you think things through and have a plan!

It is important to remember that the monthly and annual flying stars are best to use in conjunction with the period star and the flying star of the building. This can be ascertained by ordering a remote consultation