You’ve been on my mind recently, so apologies you’ve had to chase me up. Yes, very interesting – points below:

  • Problems with teeth in the kids bedroom?……….Yes, my girls had had to have 3 taken out, and my boy has had a real problem with ulcers inside his mouth
  • Marital relationship – yes, Mary* was a bit put out at your description of our marriage, but once she sat and thought – you were spot on – so she followed your advice and things are much better
  • Work has picked up to – if I recall there was mention of deceit? Yes, I found out a client had defrauded us for $25,000 – I caught him out and got the lot back ha-ha!
  • Wind chime in North for career – yes again, I feel very effective – I feel a bit more centred / established within my job, and that I have the backing of my bosses – which I wasn’t sure of before

We’ll be moving in about 6 weeks so I’ll drop you a line, the place has a south facing door ( I checked already) so we’ll be seeing you again soon