Last month, I suggested the Month of the Dog would activate the year of the Dragon. There may be events that would occur that would reflect the oncoming energies as well as these two astrological symbols. They would create a gateway, perhaps give insight or open a door of transition on a personal as well as a social and global level. Perhaps you had an insight or an event that reflected this

The month of the Dog saw a plethora of Global events. The Earth-quake in Turkey, the Floods in Bangkok, the Liberation of Libya, the speed of change and reform in Burma, the critical economic crisis in Greece, the Qantas debacle to name a few. 

What I feel was of note and reflective of the Dog – Dragon activation and central to the current Age of 8 theme, was the Global “Occupy” protests which is now in 900 cities spread throughout 80 countries. Around the globe we saw protests that in essence were for a more equitable world, principally their angst about the economic system, corporate greed, wealth disparity and poverty. The call to bring global capitalism to account and the lack of corporate reform following the global financial crisis. Underlying the theme of the protests are how financial inequity adversely affects social cohesion and that corporations should have some form of social responsibility. The people of the protests are giving voice, articulating the meaning, of the current time era. This is usually the domain of artists and musicians, and dare I say it, astrologers. A nother impulse of the Age of 8 has manifested at its turning point this year.

My feeling is these kinds of movements and protest will continue until change occurs and we live in a more equitable world where people’s rights are valued equally. The astrological nature of the current age will impose the necessary changes to occur as the seed of the current era was set in the 60’s.

The protests also brings into question people ‘right to protest’ which is central to the ‘democratic’ theme. The forcible removal of the protest in Melbourne and other places may galvanize more determined activism. People’s right to express themselves freely, protest against inequities, challenge established social and political order that may be out of date, but more importantly and above all to adhere to their own autonomous nature, and act from their own internal authority as opposed to be submissive to a repressive external authority is also a central age of 8 theme. We have not seen the last of these kinds of protests. We have seen Global protests in many countries this year and an upcoming Earth year, where humanitarian values are central, we can expect these themes to continue and more people standing up for their principles and beliefs. This is central to the meaning of the word democratic which in essence means ‘power of the people’.

Interesting Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle resorted to calling the protesters a ‘self righteous, narcissistic, self indulgent rabble’. Perhaps a touch of projection here Robert!

But whenever there is the impulse to individuation and change we meet the resistance to the change by the established political and economic order and structures (Yin and Yang at play!). This is also reflected by 6 of the next 8 years with Heavenly Stems being in clash with the Earthly Branches. This may appear difficult but study of the elemental dynamic reveals the work that need to be done to bring fluidity to the tension. A clash can also catalyze dynamic change that is necessary. Resistance to the change maybe experienced as ‘crisis’ or ‘difficulty’ as I mentioned last time

This current dynamic is reflected by the tension and impulse of the planetary configuration of ‘Uranus in Aries’ in a tense aspect to ‘Pluto in Capricorn’. You may have heard or read about this, as it is also being referred to beyond astrological circles. This celestial relationship will dominate for the next 3 – 4 years but we will feel its effects until the end Age of 8 (2024). Its activation has occurred this year coinciding with the ‘astrological’ mid-point of the Age of 8. It all indicates we are now experiencing the doorway or the transition, and many have reported this as their experience. I will talk more on this theme in the 2012 newsletter and lecturesYou may have experienced a personal circumstance that upon reflection, may reflect this kind of transition

In the Year which is the mid-point year of the Age of 8 with the Jupiter Saturn opposition earlier this year. We could say we are now deeply immersed in the Age of 8. A central theme is the emergence and impulse towards an authentic life according to our autonomous nature. It is no longer appropriate to surrender oneself to a repressive, dominant, restrictive external authority.

In some circumstances we will see further rebellion and protest for people to free themselves from authoritarian domination and control toward personal liberation and freedom. People also have the power of internet social media at their disposal to quickly organize rallies and demonstrationsThis happened at the start of the Year as we tipped into the mid-point age of 8 with the rebellions of people in the countries of the Middle East to overthrow oppressive regimes

The Month of the Pig

After 6 months of Fire, earth and metal, we enter the month of the Pig. This sees the resurgence and final impulse of the Wood element as it is strengthened by the water element of the months of the Pig and the Rat. The Pig not only is a water month but has a ‘harmony’ with the Rabbit. These animals’ are in a ‘trine’ relationship or ‘triple harmony’ relationship. In a trine relationship the energy flows freely so the energy of the wood element is fluidly enhanced by the water making the wood element strong in its impact.

This is different to the Rat and the Rabbit relationship of next month. Although a harmonious elemental relationship of water (Rat) to wood (Rabbit) the dynamic between these 2 branches is a ‘square’ or 90 degree relationship. The energy is a ‘tense’ or challenging relationship and this configuration challenges to find the fluidity and make the dynamic work. But more about this next month

What does the enhanced and strengthen wood element mean. We can look to the planetary activity to give insight. This month we enter an eclipse cycle. There are usually 2 eclipse cycles every year approximately 6 months apart. We have a Solar (New Moon) and a Lunar (Full Moon) eclipse. The Solar eclipse is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet associated with the wood element. We see here the element of wood is amplified

The nature of an eclipse is it amplifies the New and the Full Moon and its relevant themes. Eclipses signal that we have come to an important turning point, giving us an important opportunity to complete a major life lesson and graduate to the next level. Eclipses may end one set of circumstances and begin another. They are an opportunity to let go of the past and embrace the new cycle that is coming. They can signify a period of great change, encouraging you to move toward your destiny. Time to realign your life with your purpose in life or ”souls intention”

The eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, which we can translate as the sudden resurgence of the wood element, we could say activates the wood qualities of vision and expansion according to philosophical principles. Wood is also having the faith to have take the risk, step into the unknown and follow a vision, like the upsurges of energy that comes from deep within the consciousness, like a plant that is seeded deep within the earth, makes its way to the surface, breaks thru the soil in its quest toward the light and the sun, in the fulfillment of its vision for itself. The way to see this as we approach the earth Year of the Dragon is we may get new visions and inspirations about negotiating the transition ahead. We are then challenged to have the courage and faith to act on the inspirations. We may experience a renewal of our vision or for some what’s been on the back burner might be time to bring it to the front burners.

With mercury (the planet associated with the Water element) going retrograde at the same time we are asked to reflect on our vision, philosophies and aspirations, letting go of those that no longer are consistent with who we are. Time for re-assessment and review are required with appropriate planning (Earth). The impulse to be impatient (wood) has to be tempered.

 Chinese medical philosophy makes reference to the psychological aspects of elements: ‘Wood also houses the ‘ethereal’ soul or the ‘Corporeal’ soul and is concerned with the subconscious mind’*. Perhaps when the impact of the wood element is strong, deeper or subconscious aspects of ourselves are accessed and can guide the way ahead. It is the nature of a plant to come from deep in the Earth to bring new things to the surface, a revelation of something new previously hidden.

 * Thanks to Tyler Rowe for this information

 When we are clearer about our future when we understand the depths. In Feng Shui we can amplify the ‘water’ when the ‘mountain’ is strongTo enhance our vision and clarity we can also eat foods that encourage this. Many of the spring greens coming into season at this time of year can be emphasized in the diet. It is advisable to avoid heavy and hard to digest food that may slow and hinder the optimal transformative process. The wood element is the liver after all and a good detox, Chinese herbs, kinesiology, Bowen, acupuncture, to release stagnant energy and let go can also be helpful in facilitating movement forward, especially if someone reports they are ‘stuck’. The dynamic energy this month may release what’s stuck.

 From a Feng Shui point of view, a spring clean, a good clearing of clutter can also get things moving as all of our faculties should be in optimum condition to negotiate the path ahead. Space clearers and de – clutterers might be in for a busy couple of months.

The age of 8 asks for clarity from inner revelation, centeredness, and connection, not from external orientation. It is wise to have the internal compass aligned to the larger direction. Astrology helps identify what this is. You may find that a major theme that clients are concerned with is knowing what lies ahead, having clarity about the future, perhaps re-assessing personal visions, goal and directions.

 This is very much the symbol of Sagittarius, the archer who points his arrow, aligns his consciousness and g oals with his higher vision and aspirations. To break free of old constraints and like a plant, grow toward the Sun. The eclipses this month and the amplification of the wood element this month stimulate us to do this.

As the eclipse moves through the sign of the Pig and the Rat, if you have one of these animals in the branches of your Four Pillars of your Luck Pillar, (or have a branch that combines with on of these animals in a prominent position) you can expect that area of the chart and its meanings to be activated as well. A prominent Snake or Horse can also be activates as they are the ‘clashing’ animals.

Big couple of months coming up

You are welcome to share stories or insight either personally or in the public forum as we transit the last 2 months of the year. Thanks for the responses I have received thus far

As an aside the course guide for my 2012 Feng Shui course is now available. Please contact me if you would like a copy or know of someone who may be interested. Also Chinese Astrology begins in Sydney November 25-27. 

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