The overall Feng Shui experience was AMAZING. Something I was looking forward to for a very long time with the purchase of our new home. Liz was very professional and direct as to what needed to be done to remedy negative energy and how to increase the flow of good energy. The approach to her work is methodical, passionate and confident.

My expectations were surpassed especially with all the after service provided. When I finally got to install the garden in our new house Liz was more than happy to speak to our landscaper and give me further advice on what plants to use and feedback on the overall design.

I was most impressed with this level of service.I felt very much at peace knowing that the house we ended up buying was going to be supporting our lives journey and not working against us. I also felt that I was able to connect with Liz on a deep level rather than just a professional one. Liz came across as a warm, caring and competent individual who’s service was going to make a difference in our lives and I really appreciated that. I would use her again with no hesitation if we relocated or wanted to make major structural changes to our current home etc etc.

I feel more comfortable and peaceful in making decisions to change things in the house and outside in the garden, knowing that they are Feng Sui backed. The changes we have all ready incorporated we feel have a positive influence on us and for this we THANKYOU Liz!