This consultation is for all existing clients. You may have had a remote or onsite consultation and every year it is recommended you get an annual update.

When using Feng Shui the energies are constantly changing – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and whilst we could go crazy looking at all of them, we find the yearly energies are important as they do affect the energy of the Flying Star Chart of your home because they are in the property for quite a while.

With an annual update I look at the how the annual energy will affect things from an elemental point of view, in addition to the individual qualities of the annual star flying in to that particular sector. Every room in the house is taken into account in addition to energies in the garden (if you have one) that you need to be aware of.

There are particularly challenging energies that are affected by renovations and if possible should be avoided.

The cost of an annual update is $129 and you receive a written report via email especially tailored for your property.

You can order online here and we accept all types of payment including visa, mastercard, paypal, direct deposit or cheque.

If you need further details please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]