Like any good consultant my life is full of experiments in relation to Feng Shui. I have lived in many houses and observed the effects of Feng Shui. This house is no different.

Our bed has been in the South West sector for the last 3 years and it has been very supportive in relation to our health and relationships, however I also have the option of moving my bed to another wall which is located in the West sector. It is interesting because when I first moved into this house I wanted to place the bed in the West but for some reason didn’t…..I can’t remember why. If you have read my posts or information on the year of the tiger you will know that the 5 annual star flies into the South West is 2010 so I thought it would be best to avoid this energy and try moving the bed – much to the rolling eyes of my husband!

I actually don’t tell my husband or children the effects the unseen energies may have on them because I don’t want to influence the way they perceive how they are sleeping, their health, relationships etc. It is amazing to see the changes, especially when moving a child that is having issues at school to a more supportive energy and seeing them thrive!

The energy that we were moving our bed into signifies wisdom and intelligence and this is enhanced in 2010 with the annual 1 visiting. We can all do with additional wisdom and intelligence so I was excited to make the move. It is said that a change is as good as a holiday and I must say moving furniture around can definitely give you this feeling. In addition to this it allows you to clean behind things like the bed, chest of drawers etc and I know we always ask ourselves “Where on earth does the dust come from?”. I would consider myself to have a very clean house however there are always the nooks and crannies that until the furniture is moved you don’t have access to. It was interesting to note that all my cleaning was focused on the South west sector which relates to marriage and partnerships!

Like all of my experiments it allows me to understand the different energies and the effect they may have on me and my family and this then helps me to communicate this with my clients. For me you can learn the theory and be great in the class room but nothing can replace experience and I mean personal experience. Whilst you can have compassion, sympathise with people etc it can be hard to have any concept about what they are going through if you haven’t gone through something similar yourself – and even then our experiences will differ depending on your personality, environment etc.

I always tell my clients that when you are moving your bed to a supportive energy be ready for a shake up. The first few weeks or even months can be disruptive and this period is like a cleansing, you are letting go of the negative and this can mean underlying issues are drawn to the surface – it is time to draw on your strengths and be positive. To attune yourself to these energies you may find yourself working on particular issues, but you will have a clearer understanding of how to work through these issues and resolve them. So all in all it’s a very positive experience. Easy to say but harder to cope with when going through it yourself.

But think about it – these underlying issues are eating away at us, they must be resolved to enable us to move forward in a positive way. You may find yourself changing the way you think, react, feel and this is a good thing. Be honest with yourself and remember you are not alone; we all have stuff that needs dealing with and sleeping in a supportive energy will help you with this.

It’s also interesting to see that what you are experiencing lines up pretty much with our Chinese astrology and this gives us an indication of what lies ahead – this is a whole new post in itself and is fascinating stuff.

It should be noted however that I do know the energies and what they represent. You can always experiment however it does make it easier when you have an understanding of the energies and how they may be affecting you and your family. I highly recommend my remote consultation for only $198. It is just awesome value and given that I personally do the analysis and report writing you will not find any better value elsewhere.